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Aiwa HP-VX100 V sony mdr-ex70lp

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I just got the awia hp-vx100 and it is now breaking in. Out of the box it sounds wow. First I will compair it with the sony ex70lp. This is not a put down on the ex70lp just my impressions so please don't take any afense if you prefer the ex70lp.
sony mdr ex70lp. A lot of uncomtroled bass. Very little mid range. Highs to scheachee. Very good fit in ear but to muddie for my tast.
The aiwa hp-vx100. Lots of very tight bass but dont get in the way. Good mids and soft highs. Fit not as good as the ex70lp because of the bigger tips. The vx100 are 41/2 mm bigger than the ex70lp but present a bigger sound stage. I wet the vx100 with my finger befor insertion and got a good seal but will still work on getting a better fit if possible. The slam is why I say wow. For an earbud theese sound like a much larger thing. I can only think of the grados for in your face with great slam not to say that they are better than the grados just got the same presintation. I can play these right out of my mini disc but I use the total airhead with my mini disc.
ex70lp 100 db at 1 m/w max m/w 100
vx100 106 db at 1 m/w max m/w 40
ex70lp 36.00
vx100 25.00
I hope not to afend anyone. This is just my opinion
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sounds good so far LTUCCI, looking forward to full comparison
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lou -

do the Aiwa HP-VX100's come with a short cord or a standard length cord? If it is short, and the sound is good, then they present an even better value compared to the Sony EX70SP version, which is much more expensive.
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HI: I am sorry for not saying about the cords. Please forgive me. There are 2 cords. The one attached to the buds is 19" long and one of the cords goes behind your neck. The other cord is an extention that plugs in and is 31" long. This is aproxamitly 40-42" or 4 ft. total. I would say the attached cord is aproxamitly 1 1/2 Ft. long. I also said that the mids were good and the highs were soft but I found that there was a great deal of tight bass. I took off the tips and saw 4 very small holes in the base of each bud. I put a small piece of scotch tape over each hole and now the mids and very good and the highs are louder but still nice not screeche. The bass is still strong but not as much. Maby I knocked out the very low bass, I dont know but the buds sound a lot better with the tape for now. I just could not help myself to do a quick mode on them. These are not broken in yet so I will see how they are after breakin but out of the box they needed a mode. I have been listening to them for about 2 hours now and the fit is much better. No get it right stuff just put them in and presto a seal. I like these a lot so far and find it hard to take them off and let them breakin. I guess I am week but boy do they sound good and are very conftable.
the frquince is 5-25
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Hmm, the fact that, according to LTUCCI, the Aiwa's have holes in them confirmed my fear: that they aren't truly sealed phones. I guess I was assuming that because they were canal-design 'buds that they would provide isolation and block external noise, but the thought did cross my mind that these could possibly not be sealed. Damn, I was looking forward to some better, more balanced sounding cheap isolation than the EX70's.
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HI: These are sealed ear cannel phones. The holes are under the rubber tip to let the I think low bass out. The holes dont go all the way through. I taped then up but took tape off one of the holes to let some low bass out on each bud. The low bass was a little to much. The holes are pin size to let out sound under the tips to the ear but maby they are not for you. They are very cheep in case you would like to give them a try. The tips do make a seal but not like the etys of course. They only seal the begaining of the ear cannel.
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thanks for the additional info, lou.

btw, where did you get the aiwa's?
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Hi: I got them though audio cube who imports them from japan. I gather that you like the short cord. Wait untill you hear them. These are ear cannell ear phones and I wont say what I could compair them to. But these have real bass and a sound stage and need no special fit. Just put them in your ear and its a seal. I had the er-6 and sent them back. I had the er-4p and sent them back. These are not going back. I wounder why?
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statix, the EX70s have holes in front and behind too--a phone doesn't have to be AIRTIGHT in order to be called sealed
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What worries me is how, in all of the pages I've seen about the Aiwa HP-VX100, it was NEVER mentioned that the Aiwas are sealed or closed. That's including the Audiocube website. Conversely, the EX70's are almost always mentioned as closed cans. I always did find that kind of weird.

Anyway, I think I'll just wait until these little bastards are released in the US as the HP-V600's for $19.99 so that I can test them out from a local retailer. I'll feel a lot better about doing that than plunking down $35 on an import online store for a mystery product.
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SIR: In all fairness to you. The vx100 does make a seal but not a good tight seal. With them in and no music playing I can head the tv or phone ring or you talking to me if you were here. It is a little seal but when the music starts it works good and you dont have to play it as loud as you might have without them. It is not an ety seal. It only seals the ear canell opening but doesnot go is very far.
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So, Lou, do they attenuate sound or not? How does it compare to the EX70 in terms of sound blockage?
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Joe Bloggs
HI JOE. I think that the ex70lp give a better seal due to their being smaller and might go in a little further. But the sound is like night and day. I do get a seal with the vx100 but it ant a tight sael but when I pull them out I get a sort of pop and the rubber tip or whatever it is pulls out of shap somewhat. So these ant great for a good seal but they are great for the sound that they put out. I think that baldguy comepaired them to the sony 888 but I should not quote someone else. In my opinion I would just say that they are far better than any earbud that I have heard except for the clearness and detail of my senn. 500 with slicsound. But the vx100 are real fun and musical and have a certain slam to em. Nothing seals like the etys but they go in real far and have 3 tip teir. Nice hearing from you JOE.
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These Aiwas sound truly awesome.
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I cant find that post on the other forun. Where is it located?
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