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Wheatfield HA - 1

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I think I am going to go ahead and get the Wheatfield HA - 1 to drive my Senn's. My last question before going ahead and getting this is for the price range, is there a headphone amp with a line out that is any better for the money? I prefer to buy this new.
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I've heard good things about this amp. Remind me, which tubes does it use?

I saw one used on Audiogon a couple weeks ago, and almost got it.

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It uses an ECC82/12AU7 and a pair of NOS 7044 tubes.
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I sent it back because I couldn't get over how lightweight the whole sound was. The slightly more expensive amps constitute significant improvement and are worth every penny.
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SumB Before you returned your HA-1, did you upgrade the tubes or anything else? Have you upgraded the Earmax Pro in any way? Thanks, Arrowmark
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The Earmax Pro isn't "slightly more expensive" for me. Also, I do not think the Earmax has a line out on it. Thanks for the warning though. What would you say then? It could be solid state.
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Good tubes can/will make all the difference in the world. I've heard the Wheatfield can be made to sound much better than it does from factory with the OEM tubes, whatever they may be.
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arrowmark I tried to get ahold of some Amperex 7119's but by the time the dealer came to fill my order they were gone and the time I had to send back the amp was dwindling. To be fair the Earmax was kept stock during comparisons.
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Sackley If you buy the HA-1, upgrade the 12AU7 to a CIFTE or a Siemans. It makes a big improvement.Changing the 7119's to Amperexs wil make it run cooler.
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