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PortaPro or PX200

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Which of these would you reccomend for use with a portable mp3 player?
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Any chance you can try before you buy? Some people cannot get a good seal with the PX200, in which case they sound really bad. I"m guessing the porta pros are a bit better as they use the KSC driver, however, they are open phones meaning they leak sound a lot, and you will be able to hear what's going on around you. The PX200's muffle outside sounds a bit, and your music will not be leaking out.
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I agree, the only way to decide is to try them. I own a pair of Portapros and have auditioned the PX200 briefly. It sounded a bit hollow to me, while the Portapros had a much richer sound with noticably more bass. If you value portability and isolation though, the PX200 definitely takes the cake.
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I have the same query ( among Portapro / PX100 /PX200) three months before ,and finally I solved it one month before (HS820)
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the px200 sound great if you get a good seal. its has a smooth and warm sound. people who have haeard it would say it has a lot of mids, but overall there's nothing that jumps out.

the PP is more full and energetic soundind. the PP is less balanced, the bass actaully hurts my ears, but i have sensitive ears. the PP trebles are also more prominent, as the px200 trebles kinda rolled off a bit. the PP do leaks a lot of sound so you might have to turn the volume louder.

i like jazz and stuff with px200, pp probably preform better with rock.

also px200 is somewhat more durable, except for the straight mini plug that shouldnt be bend too much.
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PortaPros all the way for sound...

I've thought about this question more than a few times, I've also evaluated the PX100s in the mix.

I've tried the Px200s a few times, but always come back to the portapros (which I own)

they sound great, have a really fun exciting sound, are decently collapsable, are extremely comfy, and also importantly, come with a lifetime guarantee. If anything ever happens to them, send them and bucks to koss and you get a new set.

the Px100 and 200, are a little bit more laid back. When I'm out walkin around, I like up front exciting sound over laid back.
BUT: the pxX00 do offer some great things. They fold much smaller and more conveniently, and don't look like you wore them to camp in 1985.

But if you can deal with the teal, get the PPs, they Rock.
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I've never heard the PX200 but I've had my porta pro's for years and I think it would be hard to find anything better at that price point. The bass is outstanding as well.
My only issue is the look which is kinda '80's but Koss has other cans with the same drivers in different configurations.
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