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I really should just do a review of this thing, maybe I'll get around to it when I get back to school. I have a Sony 400 disc CDP, the ???-450 model which means it has the cool LCD remote and a video out.

Why would a CDP have a video out? Well.. you can label all the CDs by artist and title, and if there is CD-text on the disc, it will display the track names as well. These all appear on the LCD screen on the remote, on the LED display on the front of the player, and on a TV if it's hooked up, it's really cool. So all those people out there that say "I hate mega-changers, you never know where the discs are" have no idea what they're talking about. You can search by artist, CD name, or genre. My favorite is artist mode where it will just play CDs by the specified artist no matter where they are in the player, you can also shuffle all the songs by that artist which I love to do.

I am not commenting on the sound, although I don't have any complaints, I love the thing, I just haven't been able to A/B it with anything else. But as far as convenience and features go, it is loaded. It is also a little more expensive than that Technics, but Sony also I believe has 100, 200, and 300 disc models as well (On a side note, my parents have a Technics 60 disc player and it works well, although you can't label the CDs it allows you to change discs while another one is playing which the Sony does not allow you to do.)

One of it's benefits and slight drawbacks is that it's best to just put all your CDs in it and not take them out. It's a little slow ejecting CDs but since you won't be doing it very often it's kinda irrelevant. I have enough CDs to keep 20 in my car and be happy with what I'm listening to in the mega-changer, but I think now that I got a burner, I'll just make copies of the ones for my car so I never have to take them out.

While not many CDs have Cd-TExt on them, you can burn it on them so you could have 400 CDs with every song labeled, you can't even do that on most single CD players these days, so I love it. However, I will probably be buying a Denon 370 as a dedicated headphone CDP and use the mega-changer strictly with my speakers.

I hope this helped.
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Well, today my mom, lil bro and sis, and myself went out to best buy to get a nice music system (speaker based mini-system with DECENT sound) for our house. No one else in my family is into audio, so a mini-system works for all except me. oh well.

Anyway, we picked up the MHC-MG110. Black and stylish, it looks nice.

Onto the sound.

It sounds bad. OK, not that bad. But not good either. My KSC-35s give it a run for the money. Headphone jack pretty good. OPTICAL DIGITAL OUT (aaaahhhh) for MD.

This 60-CD changer (!) is pretty kewl for recording MDs. Nothing beats having a ton of CDs at your fingertips, ready to be recorded.

Anyways.....would this be a decent transport?

Thanx in advance,

coolvij :>)
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maybe .... maybe not....
who cares, it was free! (kind of)

I'm sure it's allright.

But it doesn't matter anyway.
You're in a pretty good situation now, since you know exactly what to do

1. You want a DAC and you want it now
-> well, then get one. Check it out with the mini system
if you don't like it, (wait and/or) buy a better transport

2. You want a DAC but can't afford one/don't want one right now.
-> wait until you can afford one/want one, then goto 1

3. You don't want a DAC
-> get something else like the world's largest pizza.

Hmm, I hope this is not the end of this thread 'cause I kinda got used to it....


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No it isn't.

But....it is.

No, screw it....I'm keepin this thread alive!

Let's talk about pizza
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hmmm... Italian thin crust... there's nothing better when it comes to pizza (and a lot of other things)

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