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DanG got a very good point there. if you don't want your stuff tied down to your room, a dac doesn't sound like a smart move. better get better cans! p-cdp + amp + ety sounds like a dream setup to me
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DanG: Your logic is flawless......except, it doesn't work for me.

I AM just a lil' kid...or thatz what my dad thinks. ~$200 is kinda crazy in my dad's eyes - and I sorta agree. The Etys can wait till I actually start earning money - I love that feeling of owning something you worked hard for and is rightfully yours...

I was aware there were no portable DACs around - but I'd still love one!

So.....my plan right now is to get a component CD player. The DAC won't come for another YEAR, at the least.

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Sounds very reasonable.

I don't think a lot of people here own DACs anyway, and a
half-decent home CDP will serve your purposes just fine.

BTW: Why have you decided on getting the 495's (just curious)
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I thought there was a portable DAC available from someone, slightly larger than a portable CDP and costing over $1000. I just can't remember the name or brand.
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I have decided to get the 495s for a fairly simple reason.

Grados sounded interesting.....in fact, I nearly decided on the SR80. Then it hit me - most of my music is jazz. I listen to rock, and LOTZ of other stuff. However, jazz is the type of music that invigorates me; my mainstay, if you will.

As I looked through reviews and talked to various Headfizers, I got mixed feedback on Grado's handling of piano and saxes - both of which are important to myself, a Coltrane buff.

So, I decided to play it "safe." Buy the 495s, and be assured that they'll handle everything in a satifactory manner. Later on, I plan on purchasing Grado 80s - comparing the 495s with them, and deciding. After I decide which presentation I like better (this will be after I start earning some cash), I will "go all the way" - Senn 600s OR used Reference Series Grados OR Etymotics....
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But you haven't actually heard them, right?

I would try to audition them before I buy.
Maybe you're a Grado man and just don't know it

Besides, it's a lot of fun. Taking a bunch of CDs and listening to many different headphones for hours....
I never thought you'd hear the difference between the HD580 and the HD600 (same drivers blabla) until I auditioned them a couple of weeks ago - oh man, was I wrong...

Anyway, you live in Chicago, shouldn't be much of a problem to find a decent hifi store with a nice selection of cans.


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See - my parents are both AGAINST audiophilism - my dad was surprised when I said that the Bose Wave Radio....well.....wasn't that great.

hi-fi cans? HA! My mom.....just isn't into music, and my dad likes his CD180. I know the Senns will impress him - they are DEFINITELY good for classical music, which he loves.

In essence - I doubt I could DISlike the 495s. I COULD dislike the Grados.....be safe.
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no mate, audition. thats as save as it gets . and lots of fun as well. go to some hi-fi shop, bring your best cds, and just sit there for a few hours listening to every damn headphone you can find. you might really like the Grado sound, who knows? course, there's no way someone can't like a good Senn but maybe you prefer a Beyer even, who knows?

and forget about the parents for a sec.

maybe you should start smoking, see how they like that. or do some drugs. I mean, there's worse ways to spend money.
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" See - my parents are both AGAINST audiophilism "

When I turned 14 I got a job working in a variety store after school and on weekends. It only paid $1.00 per hour ( that was a long time ago) but I saved my money and managed to buy my first half decent audio equipment....a Sony receiver and Radio Shack speakers. ( I did say HALF decent ) My dad flipped out. "What the hell are you wasting your money on that crap for?" was his response. I saved some more and bought my first 35 mm camera soon after that. Exact same response from my dad. He just didn't get it.

Years later I enjoyed reminding him of those occurances while I was publishing audio magazines and owned a photography studio.

Don't worry coolvij, someday it will be your turn to be the old, practical, "I don't get it" fart.
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See - my parents are both AGAINST audiophilism - my dad was surprised when I said that the Bose Wave Radio....well.....wasn't that great.
Well, do you want a list of the stereo componants in my house?

Bose Lifestyle System
Sony Home theater in a box
Sony Minisystems
JVC minisystem with Bose 301 speakers
Koss A/200, Senn600 (as of next week), lots of amps, PCM1702 DAC with SE headphone amp (soon...)

(only 1 of those systems is mine )

I don't get money from my parents (except chinese new year ), and they don't buy me anything either, so i have to get everything myself... Lately, i've been trading DIY stuff for lots of cool equipment (HEY COOLVJ, WANT A PORTABLE DAC? ) which has helped greatly.

Don't do what braver says, you can easily get hooked on that stuff, i'd never hurt my own body just to send a message to my parents...

edit- come to think of it, audiophilism is even more addictive than any narcotic

And as others have said, you should really try checking out local hi-fi stores, you shouldn't buy a pair of headphones just to see if you like the sound... The Grado SR80s aren't quite the same as the other Grados, they have similar but slightly worse bass and midrange, but they are no where near as bright as the high end Grados. And the excessive brightness of those models is by far the biggest complant against those 'phones.

Also, if i were you, i'd save up your money for one set of good headphones, rather than buying many pairs of cheaper headphones. The one pair of good headphones should outperform all the cheaper ones, and be more satisfying to listen to. Also, you won't always be tempeted to keep upgrading, to get the last bit of sound out of your CDs (IMO, its fine if you have a well paying job, but as a student without a job, i don't think i can justifying having more than one set of really good headphones. BTW, i've been at headfwize for a LONG time, yet i still have one of the smallest headphone collections).
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Yeah, they're right.
Auditioning is important - especially when you're on a budget.

Of course, the 495's are no bad choice at all and you and your dad might really like them. But imagine yourself auditioning them first... you might be thinking: "hmm, this is a damn good sound coming out of these cans, better than my Koss.... but then they also are four times their price! They may be good but not four times as good!"

and then you see/hear a pair of SR-125 and you fall in love...
And you might think: "they cost even more than the Senns but are worth every penny" (or whatever)
At least you'll know what you're saving for (or you'll know that your Koss headphones are good enough for you, and you'd rather spend your money on the world's largest pizza ).

Maybe you'll fall in love with the 495's, who knows, but then you will know exactly what you'll be getting.

Besides, auditioning is a lot of fun.
And being such an active member of this forum, have you never wondered what all these different cans actually sound like?


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Thomas, do you have any idea how much money you could make by selling your bose speakers AND buying equivalents (at much lower prices of course)???!
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I don't think they're his speakers (his dad's ?).
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or you'll know that your Koss headphones are good enough for you, and you'd rather spend your money on the world's largest pizza ).
ROFL, I already do....but I want grados, too. And Senns, and Etys, and....
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yeah, they aren't my speakers, i'm not that dumb!

the funniest thing was when my dad tried to impress his friend, the super audiophile (with over $100 000 CDN system) with the boses...

Back on topic- Coolvj, but if you think about it, if you didn't get grados, two senns, and etys, you could get baby orpheus, staxes, AKG k1000 + amp, ety 4s + cosmic, or Senn 600 + earmax pro... And any of those would sound so amazing you wouldn't ever need to upgrade!

And of course, go to the nearest store and test out each one before you buy...

as for me, mmmmmmmmmm pizza
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