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redwood - actually, both will be for my birthday (CDP, cal gamma).

Double birthday presents - the only advantage of divorce between middle-class income people.

And it is a pretty stupid advantage
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Hmm, I understand. Sorry to hear that.

I don't think the Sony's gonna be there arround Thanksgiving, the 570 however...

If you wait a couple of weeks and the Onecall guys realize they're still sitting on a huge pile of pana's they might decide to blow them all out.
Could be the deal of the year. Of course the pana doesn't have a digital out...


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redwood: what do you think about the Philips AZ922517? Has digital out, $99 at amazon....
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Sorry coolvij, can't find this player on amazon.

Someone on Head-Fi had some good experiences with Philips PCDP's .

Personally, I don't know anything about them. Sorry, I can't help you


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hehe - i got it off of amazon....lemme find it again.

Here we go:


I think this will be my source, and a Cal Gamma will go along with it - though I'd prefer a nice component CD player...
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In that case, you might be better off buying the AMC CD8B from audioadvisor for $199. Never heard it, but it does come very highly touted.

Some reviews of it: AMC CD8 - audioreview.com
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Ts, amazon's search feature sucks.
Well, the Sony is still less expensive.

But, if you prefer a component system, you should probably get one (wow, that's applied psychology )

No, honestly. You want a home CDP, you've already got a portable player, so you might as well get an inexpensive home CDP like the Denon.
Since you also have a headphone amp, you don't even need a CDP with a headphone jack. Get one with an optical out and you can use it as a transport like thomas suggests.

At the end, it all depends on what you'd be happier with.
Just imagine yourself with a new portable and with a new home CDP, and then buy what's gonna make you happier.

(Sorry for changing my mind, but at first it seemed like you preferred a portable and some guys here had some very convincing arguments)
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How much of a benefit does the Cal Gamma offer over the DAC on the portable?
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Redwood - my current setup is (will be..) Sony D-121 line-out TO Penguin JMT VIA RatShack cheapies to Senn HD495s. The cans will be ordered this weekend, hopefully.

I had talked with chych, and we both ended up agreeing the biggest thing to upgrade was source - chych suggested an external DAC - but I don't have a digital source at my disposal.

SO.....the component CDP would likely be used TEMPORARILY with the Penguin, then paired with a DAC.

The portable would as well.

The question is - which would be a better transport - and how big of a difference would it be?
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If you are patient and buy used, demo, or refurbished you can get a good CD player for 100-150 dollars. I picked up a very good condition demo Marantz CD-63SE for $99 from Audio Advisor just 3 months ago. They also regularly have a demo AMC CD8B for around $150 which is probably as good as the Denon 370 or the Cambridge D300, at least going by reviews on Audioreview. The JVC changer they sell is probably much better sounding than a portable.

I've also seen older Marantz models on ebay for around that price, and I've seen some Denon 370 demo units at my local electronics store for around $150 in the past.

Good Luck!

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Scott is absolutely right.

Eventually you're gonna get a DAC, that's what you're saying, right?
Well, then get a good home source so you can already enjoy the sound and look forward to future improvements.
Then when you get the DAC you might end up getting a big one, not a portable one (who wants to walk around with so much equipment anyway?)
What's it gonna look like, a 300 $ DAC and a portable transport... nah I don't think so.
Portables are great for portable use, but if you need a stationary system, they are not the optimal choice.
I'm not an expert, but I think their digital out is usually considered inferior to a cheap home transport

Again, at the end it all depends upon you. If you can't stand your d121 any more and need a new portable, well get one.
If you see yourself listening in your room most of the time, get a home CDP .


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@home - I do about 50% of my listening now at my desk with my amp. The other 50% is around the house with my MD.

@home listening is about 90% of my total listening - I don't listen much OUTSIDE of my house, so I think I'm gonna go ahead an invest. However, redwood - I plan on sticking with ENTRY level everything. As such, I'm strapped for cash...

...It says right in my profile, and I'd rather put my money into learning tools for anatomy and physiology (I wanna sleep through at least the first year of med school...). Also, I'd like to invest small amounts of money in the stock market (~50 in each group....or less ).

So......expensive transports are out - and I'd LOVE a portable DAC....that way my "soundz" wouldn't be stuck at home.
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I guess 'used' is the way to go then.

Hmm, you really seem to know your 10-year plan...

I don't even know where I'm gonna live 2 weeks from now...

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Hmm, you really seem to know your 10-year plan...
Heh - I wish. Planning audio purchases is, IMHO, considerably easier than planning life......outboard DAC IS BETTER vs. cookie now is good, but not as good as banana now.....hmmm - ARGH!
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Coolvij, I think the idea of getting a portable DAC does not make very much sense. There is no portable DAC around -- the closest thing is the California Audio Labs Gamma, which is small, but still not really that portable. I'd suggest you get a semi-decent home CDP and just use that. Your 570 is about as good as it'll get for portable usage. If you want good portable sound, get the Ety ER-4S. They're better than the 495 anyway! The gamma costs about $100 and the 495 costs about $100; the $200 you'd spend on the two is about $30 shy of the 4S. Why not just get yourself better headphones? The improvement would be much greater.
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