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Best Component CD player?  

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I'd like people's reccomendations for the best component cd player <$100.

Would a good portable outperform the big guys at this level?

just wondering..
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Component CDP <$100!? I didn't think that too many existed at this price range. I'd just go with the line out of a portable. Thats what I use.
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wow, just checked this:

etronics has 7 (!!) CD changers under 100 bucks and one single CDP.
That's pretty surprising. I didn't think I'd find more than one.
Anyway, I don't think they're better than a good portable though, but what do I know....
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actually, quite a few existed.

I was just thinking - wouldn't that better simply because the designers had relatively little space constraints? More space = potentially better electronics?

Well, I guess I'll stick with the Pana 570...sigh
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Well, you may have a point here.

But then on the other hand, who would want a home CDP that sounds slightly better than a PCDP ?

You'll always have the need to upgrade, and the damn thing is not portable, so once you replace it it will collect dust.

A PCDP however is (surprise, surprise) portable, so you can carry it around. Once you buy a better home CD player you still have some use for the ortable one.
Better investment protection IMHO.

But at the end it's your budget that has to decide.
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Don't feel bad with that ct570, it's a darn fine portable. Also, if there are less space constraints, there are probably more wire traces inside the player.
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Coolvij, if you're going to spend $100, just get the Denon DCM-370 off of Ubid. If you stick around there and bid on every auction, you should eventually be able to get one for about $100 shipped.
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I dunno, a cheep home deck does have some advantages...

For one, they are much easier to use at home than a discman, with remote control, easier loading, etc.

Also, with a true high voltage high current power supply, it definately SHOULD sound much better than a discman, even if the parts cost is similar.

And i bet the quality of the transports is decent, good enough to be paired with a good DAC later on if you need to upgrade...

Teac has some pretty interesting stuff thats very compact and looks very well built, and isn't too expensive (we tried recommending it to vertigo back in his soundcard days )

But i think used stuff is the way to go, you'll get much more bang for you buck...
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I suppose you could plunk for a JVC 158BK..you get what you pay for, but hey, at least it's got a headphone out w/ volume control.
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My spare CDP is a Technics SL-PG 490. I paid 100USD for it brand new. While it's far away from the sound of my Marantz CD6000OSE (450 USD) it sounds much better than any portable CD or MD player I've ever heard, plus it has a remote, optical out and 2x20 mW phone output.
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I agree with

DanG. I would also check out eBay. I bought my Denon 370 for $130 shipped. It can hold 5 discs, decodes HDCD and has a nice remote, with volume control. Plus it sounds pretty good, especially for $130.
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Coolvij: Even in that pricerange a component CDP is probably gonna outperform a portable.
The best players around $100 I have heard are the JVC XL-Z 232 and XL-Z 132. They cost around $100 here and actually sound quite good! You might want to read this.
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Originally posted by coolvij

I was just thinking - wouldn't that better simply because the designers had relatively little space constraints? More space = potentially better electronics?

LOL That reminds me of my roomate my freshman year. He had this magnavox mini-system that weighed in at about 1 pound. I opened it up just to see why it was so light, well it was light because it was basically a transport and maybe even less electronics than a portable mounted on this very small board. I would say about 98% of the inside was empty space. It ate cd's too, actually chewed on them which was entertaining in a way. In fact if it wasn't my cd I would just watch it naw away.
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ai0tron: I wasn't talkin about MINISYSTEMS!!!

DanG: You wouldn't believe it - I saw a Denon 370 for $29....auction ending tommorow, on uBid. and my mom just flatly said NO - my b-day is tooo far off (damn thanksgiving birthday...!).

Thanx, wab, for the review on the JVC model.

I'm still deliberating - cheap(er) portable with optical digital output, connected to Cal Gamma or comparable model, versus standalone....like the 370.....
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wab: Thanks for this very ineteresting and informative link. I
guess everybody should reconsider his/her snobbish
'audiophile' attitude from time to time


Onecall still has the Sony DEJ715 (with optical out) for 85.31.

And then the Call Gamma for your birthday, eh?


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