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SOLD: Sony MDR-SA5000

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This is a well-known headphone that truly does sound great. It exhibits a detailed, yet very musical character and its tonality is responsive and open. The bass is tight and detailed, the midrange is musical and pleasing and the treble extends very far and is quite smooth. The soundstage is wide and deep and instrument positioning is very accurate. This is a very good headphone, and my favorite Sony other than the R10. Still, this headphone doesn’t quite suit my palette, as my HD650/Zu Mobius-XLR is warmer and smoother still, which are characteristics I prefer in a headphone. However, I realize that many music fans look for a different timbre in their transducers, and I understand why so many folks love their SA5000 and prefer it to the HD650 (it is very slow compared to the SA5000). These cans are in superb condition and the parcel will include everything one would get if one were to purchase these new (other than the higher price tag). I recommend a musical source and a powerful, if slightly warm amp for nice synergy with these ‘phones but to each their own. These are SOLD! Thank you.
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You have pm!
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PM sent.
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These are SOLD! Thank you.
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