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Shure e2c recable?

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curious anyone recabled their e2c? Any sonic improvements over the stock cable?

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Garrett, you've gone crazy on a recabling rampage.
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Originally Posted by Acidice
Garrett, you've gone crazy on a recabling rampage.
Havent started yet...
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Thinking about cabling my Ksc35's with my old MS1 cable...
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Ouch, wouldn't that tug on your ears a bit?
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I guess with those tiny cables it could quite easy bring you from shure e2c recable to shure e2c decable but could be a hit on the f/s forum - wireless e2c phones!

good luck kramer! I remember somebody recabled their e2c´s, but that must have been at least 6 month ago
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I dont think you can, Ive already thought of that a long time ago,

I believe the e2cs are air pressure sensitive, which is why its bad if the case cracks.

the e2cs have rolled off top end, so I was thinking about recabling them with fine silver or silver plated wire.

splicing is another alternative. but you may have issues with wrapping the wire over the ear.
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I know that there was a thread on here earlier that someone had recabled them. I'll see if I can find it.
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I have a pair of e2c's that are broken. the wire got messed inside. i want to recable it or just fix it. but someone mentioned it being preasure sensitive..
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here you go !


made by : gore-rubicon
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What AWG is that? I used some 30awg spc for my E4C's.. but I damaged the housing too badly and now the SQ is all f'd up
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I just recently re-cabled my e2c's with some CAT5e wires, and the sound they produce is unbelievable. They sound much better than my shure se530's and the high end is not rolled off a single bit, but that wasn't the reason for re-cabling my earphones. The wire of the right earphone that goes over my ear broke, so i had to replace the entire cable. Here are some pictures:

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Drummerdimitri, excellent job of re-cabling! Can you post a simple list of steps for how to take apart the E2C's? I've wanted to re-cable mine for years but can't figure out how to open up the earbuds.
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It was fairly simple actually. I took my swiss card's knife and cut through the middle of the earbuds, where both halves of the black and transparent plastic pieces meet. Slowly make your way into the casing with your knife and make sure your change the angle of your knife so that you don't destroy anything if the knife accidentally makes it's way in too quickly which might lead to damaging the drivers. Once your done with your soldering job, just glue both pieces together again with some strong adhesive such as UHU super glue or anything that does the job. That's about it really, there's not much too it! Good luck on your re-cable, hope to hear from your soon after you've finished your re-cabling mission.
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I have two shure E5c with messed up cables (my cat has bad habit of eating thin cables) and I would love to re-cable them, perheps sell one and use another one, picture tutorials would be great!
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