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Ft. Worth, July 23, a Mini that might morph to a Maxi?

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Virometal and I are going to hook up on July 23rd and anybody interested is invited!


I teach at Texas Christian University in Ft. Worth, Texas. We've been given permission to use one of the Executive MBA classrooms in the new Smith Entrepreneurs Hall for our meet. These rooms feature six crescent-shaped continuous desks at which we should be able to set up at least 12 listening stations with (of course) ample, comfortable seating. Each of these desks has close-by power available. If you're interested, here is a link to the School's website:

Smith Entrepreneurs Hall (driving directions below)

If you need a hotel room for the night before or after, click here and scroll to the bottom: Hotels


9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. - set up and start jammin'
12:30 p.m. - order pizza in for a quick lunch
5:00 or 5:30 p.m. - for those who are interested, go to bahamaman's house for a drink, afterward to a nearby restaurant (casual)


Nick Dangerous
Ted Paisley (from Cable Pro), a Head-Fi sponsor will also be in attendance. See below for the items he's intending on bringing.
Ray Samuels (from Ray Samuels Audio). See below for the list of what he is bringing.

The Current Equipment List:


Audio-Technica A900
AKG K1000
AKG K501 (two)
AKG K340 (recabled/modded)
AKG K240 Monitor
AKG K240 Studio
Beyer 770/80 (stock)
Beyer 831
Beyerdynamic DT531
Etymotic ER-4P (with 4S Adapter)
Etymotic ER6i
Grado SR 325i
Grado SR 225 (2)
Grado SR 80
HP3000 - Joe Grado HP drivers, enclosed in a Sony MDR-CD3000 shell, recabled and woodied by Larry at Headphile
Sennheiser HE 60 (Baby Orpheus)
Sennheiser HD 650
Sennheiser HD 600
Sennheiser HD 590
Sennheiser HD 580
Sennheiser HD 497 (with custom cable)
Sennheiser HD 280
Sennheiser PXC-300
Sennheiser PX100 (two)
Shure E5
Shure E2c
Sony R10
Sony SA5K (three, one recabled by Headphile)
Sony SA1K
Sony MDR V6 (two)
Sony V6 with Beyer pads
Stax SR-404
Stax Omega II


Larocco Audio Headcode Dual Mono (with Teflon Caps)
Dynahi SA
Stax 007T
Pete Millett's ECC99 SRPP Headphone Amp and Wheatfield HA-4
Ear Max Pro
Headroom either BH or TBH
Bada PH-1
Headamp.com Gilmore v2
PPA amp with glassman diamond buffers and steps
Headsave Classic
Xin Supermacro (v.1 updated to v.3 w/switches)
NAD C320BEE integrated amp with headphone out
Penguin Mint CHA-47

From Ray Samuels:

From Headroom

All the new amps
All the new DACs
Various sources

Dedicated and Computer Sources

Meridian 566.24
Meridian 508.24
Micromega T-DAC and T-Drive combo
Benchmark DAC1 (three)
Sony SCD-c555es
Sony SCD-c222es (Blue Dragon IC)
CIAudio VDA-1 (with VAC-1 Power Supply)
iRiver H320
iPod, 4G
iPod, 3G
iPod, 1G

Apple PowerMac G5, Apple Lossless files, TOSlinked to one of the DAC1s
HP zd7000 Laptop
M-Audio Audiophile 192
M-Audio Transit USB

Cable Pro offerings

Here is (at minimum!) the items he will bring:

2 Ray Samuels SR-71 portable headphone amps
2pr Grado SR-60 headphones
2pr Grado SR-125 headphones
1pr Grado SR-325 headphones
1 Myryad MDV-300 DVD/CD player
1 Noisetrapper Integrity Power Strip
1 Noisetrapper Revelation Power Strip
Various Earcandy headphone extension cables
Various Earcandy specialty cables
Various Earcandy headphone adaptors
Various Panorama headphone extension cables
Various Panorama specialty cables
Various Panorama headphone adaptors


If you want to come, let me know what you are bringing and we can hammer out details.

Driving directions to Smith Entrepreneur's Hall (whose address is 2900 Lubbock Avenue, Ft. Worth, Texas):

1. If you're coming to Ft. Worth from the east or west on I-30, go south on University Drive (which exit is located a few miles west of the downtown area). After about two miles, you will pass through the middle of campus. Just after passing through campus, you will be at the corner of University and Berry Street (look for Shell station on the right). Turn left on Berry. Go four blocks, turn left on Lubbock.

After going straight through the first stop sign on Lubbock, you will begin to see some campus buildings on the left. Smith Hall is the third building on the left. There are a couple parking lots adjacent to Smith that should be pretty open (in the summer on a Saturday). I'll post signs at various doors to guide you. The meet is in Room 328.

2. If you're coming on I-35, exit at Berry Street (which exit is located a few miles south of the downtown area). Go west on Berry. After 2 miles, you'll see a Domino's on the left. Turn right at this street (which is Lubbock). (Note: if you find yourself at an intersection with a 7-11 on the left and the TCU Bookstore on the right, you've gone about four blocks too far!) After turning right on Lubbock, see the paragraph immediately above to guide you the rest of the way.

If you prefer a map, click here: Map
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I can make it barring unforseen circumstances...

Gear (* - still putting together but should be ready by then):

Cyrus CD6*
Stax SR-404
Stax 007T / KGSS (either one)*
Sony SA1000
Dynahi SA
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GS - glad you're planning to join us! The Dynahi v. Headcode should be epic. By way of full disclosure, the Headcode is not presently in my possession but delivery by then has been assured.
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I could also probably come, as I should be in Austin at the time.

I'd have:
Sony SA5000
Shure E5
Benchmark DAC1

and maybe I'll bring my whole PC tower like I've done at the LA meets
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We'll be glad to have you Iron_Dreamer! To others in the area, we've got the capacity to grow the size of this thing if you're interested!!
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Peter - can we carpool?

Have you decided about the Houston meet? I can go...I just got a day off to do some wiring in my new apartment I can do that later LOL
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I might be able to make that... we'll see.
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Im in. I will bring:

Sennheiser HD-650's (stock cable and custom silver plated copper)
HD-497 with a custom cable
PPA amp with glassman diamond buffers and steps
iRiver H320

Just PM me with details of exactly where this will take place.

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Originally Posted by gsferrari
Peter - can we carpool?

Have you decided about the Houston meet? I can go...I just got a day off to do some wiring in my new apartment I can do that later LOL
I think that should be no problem if I come. After what you went through, I'm sure you'd be glad to ride up there with me

The Houston one is a no-go for me, like I said since I am going out of town to CA starting wednesday evening until monday evening.
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Outstanding! The more the merrier.

ReDVision - just pm me when you know for sure and let me know what equipment you will bring.

[AK]Zip - glad to have you joining us. I'll add your equipment to the list later this evening.

To all - more details (time/place/map/etc.) should be forthcoming in the next few days.
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July 23rd... I might be able do that. I'll make plans to go. It should be easy for some of us Houstonians to carpool (and it would be a good idea for those of us who would rather buy a new amp than a new car.)
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I am in, and able to bring:
sennheiser 280, 580. sony mdr v6
benchmark dac1, m-audio transit usb, nad c320bee integrated amp with headphone out.
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yfei - looking forward to your coming. It certainly looks like we'll be well set for DAC1s!
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Fort Worth is going to be GREAT!

Iwill be coming and bringing my Sennheiser PX-100's, my G4 Ipod, and my SuperMacro 3...

I look forward to it!

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kilgoreh - Your first post! Congrats!! We'll be happy to have you join us.
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