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I sold my HD25-1 headphones to Rob and it was a very pleasant transaction; he paid promptly upon receiving the 'phones (we were sitting at the same table, after all). It was nice meeting a Head-Fier (and his better half) for a brief chat while conducting some business. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with Rob again.
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(Whoops. I replied to this thread before reading the guidelines. Bad HeadFi'er, I am. I've moved my reply over to NeilPeart's thread. (thumb's up, by the way (oh, and thanks Leeav!)))
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... May I?

Ripley has bought a pair of cans from me.

He paid instantly, out communication was perfect, I would gladly do business again with him anytime. He's really cool.


Thanks, Rob, and enjoy the phones!
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I bought a pair of HD590's from Ripley, and everything went very speedy and fast.

I bought and paid for the phones on Sunday, he shipped them promptly Monday morning, and I recieved them Wednesday.

All the while he maintained wonderful communication and a delivery confirmation number.

Highly reccommended and thank you!
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I bought a Sony D-25 PCDP from Rob, he shipped it fast, and even though it wasnt working well for him, packed it quite well, and it actually seems to be working fine for me. A real pleasure to work with, great communication, highly recommended.
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Ripley purchased a OPA2107 opamp from me.
Communication was clear, friendly and polite and the transaction was completed swiftly.
I would not hesitate to do business with Ripley again in the future.
Thanks again.
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i purchased a cd player from ripley.

the whole deal was easy and quick.

the cd player arrived packed very well, and right on time too.

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I got gem (Sony D-211)from Rob.
fantastic player, shipped and packed very well.
2 tumbs up seller.
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I purchase a Go-Vibe V3 from Ripley and the transaction was great.
He sent it out promptly and packaged it very well.
A very smooth experiance and a great amp!
Thumbs up on doing business with Ripley!

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I bought a broken Micro for Ripley. It came in, well in great broken condition. Fast shipping and communication. Great person and head-fier, would do business with again!
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Bought a pair of A900 from Ripley and everything is as described in his advertisement, very pleased with the cans and couldn't ask for more!

He was very patient and helpful with some shipping issues we (mostly me and paypal) had!

Thanks again and it was a pleasure to deal with him, well recommended, and I wouldn't hesitate to strike another deal again!
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I sold Rob a pair of AKG K340's and he was a pleasure to deal with, highly recommended!
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Sold Rob a pair of pads for his K340's. A pleasure to deal with, great comms.
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Rob purchased my Headroom Ultra Micro DAC. All communications were timely and payment was immediate! All in all, a superb transaction in every way. I would buy or sell from Rob with no reservations whatsoever!
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Just bought a pair of K240 Sextetts off of me. Great guy to work with, wouldn't hesitate to deal with again.
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