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Earbuds for kids (or smaller ears)?

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My 11 year old daughter got an iPod, and says the supplied earbuds are so big that they hurt her ears. I had her try my new Sennheiser MX500s - same story (they look to me about the same size as the ones supplied by Apple).
Does anybody have any experience with this problem? Any suggestions for reasonably priced (she'll wreck them!) earbuds that are smaller/more comfortable?
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Try the Sennheiser MX450 or MX550. Smaller than the 400/500.
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Although I don't like the idea of isolation for kids due to safety reasons, I'll recommend these EXs: http://www.buy.com/retail/product.as...7&loc=111&sp=1

My ears could never stand the size of earbuds, so I had to get some EXs too.

IMO a safer choice for your daughter would be clip-ons like the Koss KSC-75s. Not the nicest looking, so you could grab some Sonys at a local store or checkout Audiocubes.com for more stylish options.
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You might want to check out the Griffin EarJams. I heard that the isolation on these is not fantastic, nor is the sound quality all that great either, but for a kid with smaller ears this might be a good solution. At only $14.95 for a set, it's also a nice, inexpensive option to try. They attach right onto the iPod stock earbuds and offer a smaller in-ear type sleeve which might work. I also have small ears (the stock iPod buds don't fit me well either) and though I haven't tried the EarJams, the small Sony EX's fit me well, so these might be a good option if you are worried about the isolation for a younger kid.
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