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Originally Posted by K.Ashwood
Mjp-They should arrive today or tommorow ( they have been shipped )

Keith Ashwood
American Techpushers
awesome, thanks keith.
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Hi Keith
Ordered my shure e4's on the 4/8/05 from the uk and still no sign
ive e mailed you with no response its now nearly a month to the uk ??
No e mail with tracking on as you stated in your e mail to me.
Any ideas ?????
kind regards
kevin hunter
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HI Kevin

I sent you a email. but in a nutshell we are going to have to send you another pair which will go out this coming week.

Keith Ashwood
American Techpushers
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Thanks for both the e mail and your offer to send another set Keith.

Just a shame that they probably wont be here for me to take on my 2 week holiday as thats what they were purchased for (in plenty time) as that 2 weeks were for lying on a sunbed in the caribean enjoying the Shure E4's !!

Looks like im gonna have to console myself in white powder beaches,endless caribean cocktails and partially clad women in bikinis dripping wet from swimming !!! Bloody mail service...

Thanks again Keith.
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Hi Keith, I sent you an e-mail regarding an invoice as I never got one from you. I have yet to receive a response from you..
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Sorry I will sending you your second invoice later tonight.

Keith Ashwood
American Techpushers
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I also havn't received your invoice and your reply of my message...
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I have received it. Thanks.
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