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At least one other person besides Mark is really interested in something that mates well with the CD3K.

My wallet is on the critical list, and the prognosis is not good.
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I spent some quality listening time with the Equinox extension and my HP-1s last night. I thought the HP-1s sounded great with the Grado extension. I knew, however, that there was something lacking vs. just plugging the HPs directly into the Max. It sounded a tad constricted, a bit less spacious, a little dull.

The Equinox adds that all back. It is very neutral as far as extensions go. That spaciousness and detail are back. The difference between with and without is now very minute. I now listen to the HPs with different brightness settings on the Max, which is a direct result of the extension. If you have seen the HD600 Equinox cable, the extension looks exactly the same with the exception of the Neutrik locking jack on one end of the cable.
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So... in summary, the Sonic Horizons is transparent and the StefanArt adds a little bass?

And neither of these are available at HeadRoom right? (Kelly longs to spend the $100gc.)

DA, if I never mentioned this before--I think it's really excellent that you always post pictures. I wish I had a digital camera and did the same. I really appreciate it.
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"Mark will appreciate this!
Strange but the Hurricane extension mates very well with Sony 3000. I thought 3000 would be even brighter sounding but there is some strange interaction where they actually sound warmer vs Dimarzio Silver..........very strange.

My usual practice is to set MOHR amp at bright filter for Senn 600/Cardas and no filter for Sony 3000.........this sounds about right for most material, as Mark knows the 3000 can be extremely revealing in treble extension/detail.......now the bass response is almost subterrain, very impressive. I was toying with the idea of selling the 3000 but thanks to Hurricane, no way Jose!"

I can't remember if I was using the SH Daybreak or the DiMarzio Silver when I had my CD3K, but I think it was the DiMarzio. Glad the Hurricane helped even out the CD3K for you, but I wonder what's going on there. A cable shouldn't act as a filter on the sound. If anything, the SH cables have more on top than the warm DiMarzio Silver. Maybe what's really going on is the Hurricane has removed hash in the upper end is letting the treble flow better. Did you ever listen to the CD3K plugged staright into the amp? Or were you using another extension?

I find the Hurricane to be pretty neutral overall. I no longer feel at all like I have a bottleneck in the sound in my system at the extension point.

I know it's an unpopular opinion, but I still believe the CD3K is a superior headphone to the HD600 (even with the Clou blue). But I think the CD3K really benefits from the extra warmth and mellow top of a tube amp. The ZOTL and CD3K together are a *KILLER* set-up. Have you ever considered a tube amp?

Just do it! Your system deserves a SH Hurricane!

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$150+shipping? Can't do it right now. Can only plan future purchases.
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Food, schmood!! Who needs to eat? You need cables, man!!!!

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I want to try one of those Sonic Horizons Hurricane ext cables. Is it really worth the $$$?
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I'll prolly get the grado extention or whatever.
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(Rise from your grave.)

So what'd everyone end up with?

Are the StefanAudio Art extension cables available now? And if so, what is the cost and who is selling them? Is Headroom not planning to carry them?

Did anyone manage to compare the Sonic Horizons vs the SteganAudio Art?
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I just ordered a 3m Sonic Horizons Hurricane today. I was told that it will be shipped next week... I will be mating it to a Sony MDR-CD3000 that I have been in the process of breaking in for the last 2 1/2 weeks. I think that I will do a joint headphone - extension review when I get the cable and break it in for a while. I can tell you now though that I really am digging the 3k's even without an amp...

--> -->


P.S. - I got an e-mail from Colleen Cardas today stating that the Cardas headphone extension will be ready "shortly"...
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rise yet again....

im in for a more low budget fix....the $150 cables look great, but im going to have to aim lower.

i am considering a Canare cable from Markertek, or maybe having a Canare extension cable built with Neutrik and Vampire connectors instead of whatever Markertek would use...
the costs are $20.85 + shipping for the former, and about $45 for the latter.

Before my research, i was considering the Grado, now ive stricken that from the list.

other than the Canare, i may shoot for the $60 Di Marzio, but the less i have to spend this holiday season, the better
(gf's birthday + xmas + headphone obsession = empty checking & savings accounts)

any recent consensus on the lower end extension cables?

**EDIT: found the GRADO extension for $29.95 + shipping here for those who are interested
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I'm now using a DiMarzio Big Red in my setup and IMO I CANNOT hear any difference at all through it or running my Eqinox direct from my HD600 into my McCormack MHD. I used to use a Grado, but found it muddied up the sound a bit and developed an intermittant short after a few months use because of the cheap connectors. I've also listened to the Kimber extension and while it was decent, it just didn't disappear in my rig as the DiMarzio did. The Kimber added a slight veil and I feel it softened the upper octaves a bit. The DiMarzio does not do this. I also like the the way the DiMarzio looks, handles (not stiff) and its exceptional construction. It looks like it will last forever. I'd recommed it to anyone looking for an extension.
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well, if anyone is still reading this thread:

I just ordered a Sonic Horizon Sunrise extension cord - 2m. with shipping and all it came to $35. pretty cheap and they offer 30day money back guarantee.

I will post when it arrives and compare it to my stock, coiled Radio Shack POS.
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Someone is reading this thread

So, Nanahachi, what's the verdict?

Was this a good call according to your ears, or does one have to spend 3 digit sums to get a good cable?

Enquiring ears want to know....
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Sonic Horizon - Sunrise 2m ext cord

this will have to be just a taste for now. i really didnt have time to get into this tonight.

As stated above, I ordered a 2m Sunrise extension cord from Sonic Horizon. I didn't have a lot of money to spend on an ext. cord, but the Daybreak (top of the line) SH cable had gotten good reviews in this thread, so I ordered the cheapest of their 3 models at the shortest length they offered, 2m. Customer service was fairly nice over the phone, but the cord had to be made from scratch, they didnt have one this length ready-made. I think it was about a 2 week wait.

The cord came very well packaged. a cool little pizza box, with the cord safe inside a pillow of bubble wrap (large, fun to pop, sized bubbles)

After opening the box, and unfolding the bubble wrap, there came the extension cord inside of a sealed bag with a label detailing the cord's features.

Finally, after cutting open the bag, i got to hold the beauty in my hands. very cool to hold and feel. it seems to be a black cord, like the Grado ext cord., inside of a woven sheath of clear strands. it ends up looking silvery from afar, but if you hold it close enough you can see the intertwining strands.

see the the pics full sized in my Imagestation album

As far as sound goes, my ears are probably not the best to distinguish subtle differences in sound. overall, i'd say this extension is fairly uncolored and has a neutral effect on the sound. the mids do seem a bit dampened however. the trumpet in Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" seems the tiniest bit recessed when comparing to headphones to amp directly.

I will hopefully have time tomorrow or this week to listen to it further and compare it to my POS radio shack coiled ext. cord.

For my listening pleasure, I used my RS-1s, my marantz PM-17 Integrated amp, and my plain vanilla marantz c-67 CDP.

hope this made sense.
we cant all be incontinent chit chatters...
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