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MMG-W's as well as MMG's are not sold at dealers. Everything else is. You need to order them direct and use the 30 day money back guarantee if they dont work for you.
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I would also recommend the MMG-Ws. They are pretty much exactly what you are looking for and only cost $300. Can't go wrong with that!
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I'll chime in to represent a different view- I have a set of 1.6QRs which are not exactly mounted on the wall but on the edge of bookcases/cabinets tangental to the wall so there's about 3' of space behind them and about the same from the outer edge to the side wall.  I have the speakers tilted out at about a 60 angle and have to say, it sounds (and measures) great.  MMGs lack base so you can try them mounted on the wall by one edge and tilted out at least 60 degrees- less of an angle will result in their sounding not as full as they might- more like "regular" speakers and much less dynamic in the mid range with too much muddiness.  If you have REW or a measurement system you'll see what I mean- the mid-bass will go up and the midrange / treble will have large phase differences.


I also have MMGWs are surround sound and they are fine for ambient music while studying or, as you might guess, surround sound they are in no way "full range" so don't expect an audiophile experience from them. I gave a used set to my daughter for her dorm room and she uses and loves them as her only speakers- no complaint and she loves the interest she gets from other men (and women) regarding them- everyone seems to love the sound and the look. Also don't forget MIA (made in America) which is how I originally found and started using Magnepan- I went to great lengths to keep my equipment as domestically grown as possible. FYI- Adcom, Emotiva, Magnepan, AB International.  Behringer and now mini-dsp are the only "immigrants" in my stack.


Just give it a shot (mount  on a swinging pivot along one edge, I use two metal poles with plastic mounts which I screw into the wooden bottom of the speaker) .  This test does no damage beyond two tiny unnoticable screwholes to the speakers and wall and will give you an idea of how they will sound.  As long as they are at a decent angle I think you'll be please with the result.  When I'm not listening I often push the speakers flat against the wall so they are out of the way. I got new sock material from Magnepan which matched the beige walls of our room so they really disappear until you light them up:)

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Agreed with everything here. Also, make sure your amp can drive them, maggies aren't the easiest to drive.

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