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Looks like a super-neat, well done job.


I got a visit from Jim, the local woodturner I know, last night. He dropped two pairs of Lignum Vitae off that he finished yesterday morning:




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My Grado SR225e mod... 


  • Grado SR225e
  • Tamarind Stalted Wood
    • Actually got it from Indonesia from a friendly chap on Facebook, they look stunning.
    • You also don't need foam nor detaching and desoldering the cable from the driver. (good tolerances, and they use the "slit" design for the cable)
    • I did however had to solder and all because I added a female jack for the removable system for the cables 
  • Head Band
    • Custom made from leather,
      • I came up with the design, finishing and materials, inside as well as outside and got it made professionally
      • It took a couple of iterations, check my last post on my first mod to see all iterations
      • Internally on the top of the head band there is a hard plastic sheet, this is to keep the shape and keep the metal strip from protruding on the leather and leaving a mark over time
      • in the inside bottom there is memory foam, so its comfortable on the head
    • Laser engrave 
      • The Bird 06 is to complement my first mod the Bird 05 (long story, who cares right?!?!! LOL)
  • Cable
    • I used White PET expandable sleeving because it matches my desk design (ALL Apple stuff, Im a apple bitch!!!)
    • I also made the cables removable, as this is my walk around the house headphone, I will make another cable soon... (the white will get dirty very quick as i cook with them on)
    • If you look closely there is a little detail in yellow on one of the connectors, thats how i know left from right. 
    • The big triangle was removed from the original cable, too bulky.
  • Sound
    • The SR225 are stunning, I'm sure that all of you guys know already.
    • Disclaimer: I can't say for certain how did this wood changed the tonality of my cans because I modded them before burning them in properly. Also I only had them for 2 days before the mod, not time enough to get a major feel for it.
    • To my ears the wood smoothed the sound, almost as if I plugged them in a tube amp. The attack was not compromised but noticeable less sharp, probably due to the fact that wood is more dampening than plastic. Also i hear an almost "organic" sound to them, it is hard to describe but lower mids kind of sound "hollow", it is probably placebo effect because i know its wood but its cool nonetheless. This could be also because now they are more burned in.
    • Sorry I could not give a proper sound comparison. Ill try to be more patient next time..:rolleyes:..............................NOT....






PS: since those pics I update the cable... Its still white, still the same cable, but the finish is much better than those pics... 

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Nicely done Leo!
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