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I just ordered the ATH-A55

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Thanks to Tomcat and the other posters who helped me make my decision. They should be here sometime next week, so I'll get you some reviews then.

In other news, I was able to demo some Senns today. hd 477, hd 280, eh2200. Of the three the hd 477 sounded the best. It had better bass than the 280 and it was similar sounding in the other ranges. The only major problem is that they didn't seem very confy on my ears.

The hd 280 was very nice, and it blocked out a lot of sound. So as a closed can it was good. They were confy, but they did put some pressure on my head.

I was horribly dissapointed with the eh 2200. It was bright and tinny sounding without any bass at all. For the price I would have expected much better sound, but it was not worth it.

Build wise, I would say the winner for the sturdiest looking of the three was the hd280.

All in all, listening to those headphones did not deter me from deciding to try audio technica. I'm not to worried about being dissapointed.

ps. after listening to the senns and then coming home and listening to my el cheapo headphones that came with my cd player, I'm amazed at the difference. How did I survive these pieces of crap for so long. They don't produce clean sound, they have no bass, and they just sound murky.
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I don't think you'll be dissapointed. It seems the lower line of AT cans have not uh...permeated the US market enough to be reviewed. I got the ATH A9X and are quite happy with them. My first choice in fact was yours.
Remember to break em in.
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The ATH-A55 - cool.

If they are anything like my old ATH-A5, then they are very fine headphones, very musical and enjoyable. dohminator, I hope you'll like them. And don't forget: we need a review!


is there anything new to say about the sound of your A9X? It ought to be similar to that of the A5 or the new A55, but probably more refined.
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The A9X sound like my grado SR325 phones. The closed A9X have just a tad more bass, which I guess is to be expected.
I like them. The only reason I'd sell them would be to move up in the Audio Technica line. Since I've done that twice with grados, it may not be out of the question.
I don't think anyone has posted on the ATH A100Ti phones yet.
dohminator, don't forget to post a review.
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it's interesting that you feel that the A9X and the SR-325 sound pretty much alike. I always thought all Grados had a similar trademark sound: very dynamic, in your face, close to the instruments and on the bright side (I have never heard higher end Grados, though, I don't know the 325 or up). Do you really perceive a sonic similarity or is it more a musical similarity? Are they similar in the effect their sound has, are they both equally enjoyable to you, do they share the same bottom-line musicality? Are they similar in this general sense? Or is it indeed the sonic character you are talking about?
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I'm not very good at describing sound technically.
I started writing and realized most of what I was saying was in my original post.
The grado cans are a bit more upfront. It's a hard to percieve for the ath cans are louder at the same volume setting.
I don't prefer one over the other.
Sonically, I think their sound is similar. Musically?
I like the grado sound. I came up from sr60s and 80s. The ath cans seem more musical only because of the bit of bass punch.
From what I've read on other posts, people seem to hear differences or preferences after listening to cans for a period of time then changing back to another set. I listen to my grados mostly. When I do change over, I don't feel like I'm missing or gaining anything.
hope this helps
dohminator, didn't mean to hijack your post, sorry
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When I do change over, I don't feel like I'm missing or gaining anything.
I'd say you're not obliged to worry about differences, millerdog. If they work equally well for you, that's fine.
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