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FS UK: BRAND NEW Sennheiser HD650

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Hi guys

As you can see, I'm still new to this forum and the whole hifi world and I bought this headphone about two weeks ago and have never used it at all, because I didn't have any headphone amplifier to drive it until last week I bought the Rega Ear. So I tried them with my friend's cables, and listened a few tracks. I admit it is fairly good but cannot get used to wear it for more than half an hour. I've never used headphone before and I guess I'm not sort of person who would spend hours purely to listen music. Plus I've already got decent M-Audio BX8 Studio Monitors so I think I would stay with speakers and sell my headphone and amplifier. I returned the Rega Ear today to the shop since it's still within hassle-free returns period. And I bought this headphone from another local dealer here for £200.

If anyone wants to see more pics of it, I'm happy to provide please leave me your email address. Thanks.

Price: £170 includes delivery in the U.K

Add some pics:
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Where in the UK are you based?
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bump. still for sale.
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Now the price includes the shipping cost! Thanks.
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bump. Still for sale!
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Where in the UK are you then??
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