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mx500 & mx400 same?

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i know this has been discussed before on headwize
but its down so i cant search and i need a answer pretty quick
from searching here there i was unable to find a definite answer

i kinda only want input from people who are almost positive about they think about these earbuds which mean people with first hand experiance

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Got both - drivers might be identical, but sound is slightly different (maybe due to the pot). I like the MX500 better.

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini
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could u elaborate

slightly different how
and why do u prefer the mx500

which part is the pot
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The pot (aka Potentiometer) is the sliding volume control that is on the cord of the MX500s

This is on hearsay rather than my own knowledge, but I seem to recall people saying that the drivers ARE the same with the 400 and 500s and the difference in cost is for the sliding volume control... this makes the sound slightly smoother I believe on the MX500s

I daresay people will correct me if I'm wrong
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musak99: The MX500 sounds a little more balanced to me, that's why I like it better. But there's not too much of a difference. So if you want to avoid the flimsy pot, you could also go for the MX400 - nevertheless, I find the pot quite convenient as a "mute button"-surrogate...

Greetings from Munich!

Manfred / lini

P.S.: To be a little more precise, I tried the MX500 and the MX400 in combination with my Panasonic SL-CT570A - and the MX500 seems to fit better to it. Nevertheless: If you don't really have to use earbuds (and if you have the extra money), I'd recommend to go for a decent full size phone like the beyerdynamic DT531 - it works fairly well (though not too loud) on the Panasonic. Sound quality is far superior to any earbuds I've used yet.
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