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Tweek of the week

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On my way home from work yesterday, I was listening to PBS and they did a story on copyright infringement. Very interesting.

They mentioned the new Sony copy protected CD's, which I've run into much to my chagrin. (I have a new program which seems to work in spite of the copy protection)

I like to take all my favorite tracks and put them onto a single CD. The new Sony CDs (I have several now) woudn't let me do this.

The radio article went into detail about how to defeat this copy protection. It is aparently very simple. All you need is a black felt tip marker. The very last track on the Sony CDs is a data track that standard audio CDPs ignore but that some CD copier programs go nuts with. You draw a line around the outside of the CD (on the last track at the edge) and everything works as normal. simple!

Anybody try this yet?
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Thanks Joe!
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how far in do you have to draw it?
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