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Best PCL805 Tubes for RKV

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Here I need some feedbacks.

After all way out, I had tried more than a dozen different brands (some are same brand but w/ different country of origin) and personal favorites are (not in order):

RCA made in W. Germany
Amperex (Holland)
Philco made in Britain

Is there any other brand you feel really good?

Have this one oddball RCA clear top and it should be interesting to listen to the quad if I can find additional 3. It's quite unusual considering how much heat the tube dissipate. Also want to try Mullard but yet to have luck to get a quad. Anyone wants to swap your Mullard w/ my Amperex? Also, since I bugged so many dealers so many times about the tube, I receive offers from them from time to time. If you are interested in join me to purchase those tubes, let me know.

How many RKVers out there anyway? Shall we have a gathering count here?
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I'd be rather interested in getting some tubes for my RKV, regardless of brand even, just to have some spares. Those 805s sure are hard to find...and now that I finally have my RKV running with my R10s, I definitely want to make sure I can upkeep my RKV in the future.
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You can email me privately for the tubes. I have some Mullard and Amperex coming in a couple of weeks from Sweden.
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