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Tweaking the MG Head?

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Well, I've upgraded the tubes in my MG Head, twisted the power switch wires, performed the Wing Mod (via the switch Joe Lau was so kind as to install in the OTL version...) and even stuck it on some DIY sorbothane feet...

So what's left? I'm thinking power. I'm running it off an APC Back-UPS 650 as the sole source of power conditioning, which may or may not be effective, with the stock power cord. I can't use the VD Power3 because I don't have enough room behind my Head, so I'm thinking of finding a hospital-grade powercord(Quail?) (with a low price that I can justify to the parental units...) and someday upgrading to a BPT-Jr. Any other suggestions?
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How about upgrading the caps?
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Does it make much of a difference?
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I didn't get to try it... but a couple of threads discuss it.
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