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I think Tyll could use a new Aloha shirt to go along with his Ukelele...i wish i could be there...
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Jude, I have a pair of headphones that came with a Walkman that have sound so bad it's almost not funny. Assuming I manage to walk the fine line to getting my parent to drive me, I'll bring 'em...

Parental Status:
My dad's too burned out from a monster work week (he says) but my mom is somewhat receptive...

Parental Status Update:
Dad seems willing (maybe he was in a bad mood when I asked him before, it *was* at ten in the evening after a helluva workday apparently), but haven't told him that it's a 90-100mi drive down there.

Mapquest gives some *weird-arsed* directions about getting there (they have you turn off at exit 71 instead of 63), but when I called deepriver he said there was a shorter route, so maybe this is it. Is it?
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What about the altlantic south east???
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Atlantic SE? Heck ya, your invited too!
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Man I wish I could be there too! Maybe Todd & Tyll could do a world tour?
Anywayz.. don't forget to take lots of pictures and post them here.. Have fun you all!
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Pictures, shudder! (I can only suck my gut in for so long.)
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No-one had a digital camera at the meet, sorry. Although Tyll's son *was* doing a bit of filming...
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You must be kidding.

An event of such importance to the headfize community, and
nobody takes pictures?

Come on, admit it - you just don't want to share with the guys from the east!
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Well, Tyll will probably post pics on Headphone.com, but his video camera was the only camera there. Don't blame me, I got to bed at eleven last night and had no caffiene this morning.
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Ts, I got to bed at three last night (ok, I'm a bit older) and
jude was still up.
Nevertheless, he was quick enough today to 'snipe' a pair of HD600s before anybody else.

You see, there's the spirit
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Huh? I don't get it. Please explain.
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eric, I don't get it either.

Must be how those old people talk
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Ah nothing.
It's just an example of a fresh mind despite
lack of sleep.

Don't take anything I say too seriously


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Don't take any of your babble seriously?

Gee, I had actually thought you were pretty helpful in the CD player thread.....but now I find you are really a sleep-deprived man who likes high-end audio. So much for help
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Yeah, sleep-deprived, chained to his computer, and forced to listen to the same mp3's over and over again....
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