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It is happening. (Pacific Northwest get-together)

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it's this Saturday. Tyll's going to be at deepriver's house in, um, deepriver, at 10 am. He's bringing an orpheus, the Omega II, and all that other kickass stuff. He's also bringing all the sound measurement equipment so we can test the frequency response of our headphones! Bring everyone you can, including any audiophile/audio enthusiasts you know of. It's going to be amazing. If there are any audio asylum people here, post something and see if there are some audio nuts from the northwest participating over there. I'm going to send some emails personally and try to get more people to show up. And if you're from the Northwest, you had better make it! You can't make excuses. if you seriously love headphones, you'll make it. if you don't, you're a fraud! a dirty fraud!
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Hokey!!!!! Here's the directions. From north or south: I-5 to the Winlock/Toledo exit (#63); west 3 miles thru Winlock and across the RR. Immediately across the RR take a right on Kerron St.; 1 1/2 miles north (pausing 30 seconds in awe [or not] of the World's Largest Egg) to Nelson Rd.; left 1 1/2 miles to Tennessee Rd.; right 1/2 mile to the 5th driveway on your left (I'll hang some orange/pink survey flagging by the road, but this is the country so don't bother looking for house numbers). When you turn in if you aren't facing a big hill with a gray/green barn and an old truck out in the field up above you you're in the wrong place. Drive all the way up the lane until you see signs of life. My number is 360-785-0779 if you get lost.

Does someone have an extra barbecue they can bring? Mine will only handle 1 or 2 of those Montana-size steaks at a time.

Neruda: assume Tyll or someone is bringing all the source equip.required. Beings this is our weekend place all I have is my el cheapo CD and cassette players running thru the Radio Shack receiver. Not exactly audiophileville.

Maybe now I can get the answer to my age-old question - "Do I really need an amp?"

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I can throw in a cd player to bring along, as an alternative to portables. Thanks for hosting this get together for us! I really think this is so cool of you, Deepriver!
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I think he'll have a CD player, along with a bunch of amps and cables and stuff. All we have to do is get there. And be sure to bring any headphones you have that they don't since you'll be able to get a frequency response graph of them!
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oh, and as for fine local ales, who's going to bring what? I'll bring both mirrorpond and black butte porter if I can, or just one if someone else can pick one of those up. What else...
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I plan on getting some of the wonderfull brews from the Alameda Brewpub, probably two different beers. Yummy!
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I'm bringing the steaks and pop. And I'll have pleanty of cooler space you can store beer in.

I too, would like to thank deepriver! Thanks! Do you have a barbeque? (And, can I bum a shower?)

My son Andrew is coming along. He's 15 and an avid skateboarder. Amazingly enough, Bozeman has the first and only 4H sakateboard club. On Sunday we're going to visit the famous Burnside skateboard park.

See you guys soon.

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Originally posted by Tyll Hertsens
And, can I bum a shower?
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Budgie: Strictly selfish motivations: hoping someone will bring their Sony CD3000s so I can audition them. Broad hint; Nudge, nudge, Wink, wink!!

Tyll: Sure, there's a shower. Just bring lots of quarters (hahahehe). When are you arriving? Want to come in Fri. nite? I have a barbeque, but hoping someone else will bring one esp. if the crowd gets large. Should be plenty of reefer space for beer and soda (still hoping eric343 can persuade his Dad to bring him), but your cooler will help.

Tyll: Since Jude, with tongue planted firmly in cheek, questions whether the western frontier really does have modern conveniences like showers I guess I better reassure you there is. in fact, a shower complete with hot water and no charge.
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wow...hot water.

I might also try to bring some chicken breasts or something, since I don't usually eat red meat (although I will if I go to a middle eastern restaraunt). do we need anything else?
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Well, the outlook looks positive with my dad, as long as I behave *really* responsibly in the next few days

As for meat, stay away from European , although Canadian and Nebraskan are usually fine.
(Just my .02 regarding Foot&mouth/Mad Cow/Media Scare #x)

And I'll *DEFINITELY* bring my two CHA47s and the Homebuilt. I'll also try to find the Sorbothane, but the outlook is not so good on that front. Oh, and my dad's Grados, my Etys, the Superexes, the Kosses, and a pair of Crapophones.

Assuming I can come, that is. *crosses fingers* *hopes "Bob" and Eris are in a good mood on Saturday* *decides to go do some algebra now*
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Sounds like a great weekend guys have fun

Wont be coming due to a little problem of living in the uk.

Oh and we also have Hot AND Cold running water......

How about posting a report saying how it all went?
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I don't trust US beef at all, or any red meat for that matter, because of all the damn growth hormones that go into it. and the hoof/mouth disease scare has settled down considerably (for a while I was thinking it would wipe out all the beef in Europe). But that's not important!

Sounds good eric, I hope to see you there. Anyone else coming along?
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No red meat at all? Even if it's from Canada?
Okay... (Of course, I'm a steak lover, so I see the potential for some friction ) But yes, I could see how growth hormones would be a concern...

But, as you said, that's not important.

BTW, did you know that there was a variant of foot/mouth, chiefly found among politicians? It's called foot *in* mouth (bad joke I know, but someone had to say it...)
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deepriver-I will bring 3000's and 1700's. And quit winking at me.

Neruda- don't ever investigate what they do to chickens. You won't want to eat that meat either. Ah, seafood is pretty safe, aside from the heavy metals, anyway.
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