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What's The Best Rock N Roll Compilation CD(s)?

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Hi guys. I've always been interested in older forms of rock/blues music, from robert johnson to deep purple, but it's only been recently that i've really been getting into rock n roll, having done a production of grease in school and seen various documentaries on tv.

Basically I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to what compilation CD to buy? There seem to be loads out there, but my preferred style is what I call "Hard Rock N Roll" (eg Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry), the more faster upbeat hard stuff that really gets you goin... Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Check out the Teenage Shutdown series of comps. Basically Garage music but it kicks soo much asssss.
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There are those Time Life things. I mean, when you're talking Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, you're looking for a history of rock kind of thing.
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The rock disc of the sound track for Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas is very good.
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Are you asking for compilations cds of individual artists or collections like Dick Clark's greatest hits, or the Billboard hits of the individual years? Both of those are darn good for top 40.
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I'll recommend "The Ultimate Yardbirds", on Rhino records. Early British white boy blues/rock, featuring; Clapton, Beck & Page.

For "pre- Beatles rock" I'd recommend Duane Eddy & Eddie Cochran.

- augustwest
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Yardbirds are an excellent band; Clapton's 2nd finest stuff to Cream. I was looking more for a compilation of various artists though, and not a few by a select group (although I may still buy a Little Richard greatest hits or something).
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I second the Time Life collections. They have a set of discs for almost any era/genre.
The Billboard selections are very good also, although you will end up with some slow songs mixed in with fast one. Especially from that late 50's era.

Rhino records puts out some very good collections. I just got their 70's Pop Culture box set. It is excellent. I haven't checked to see what they offer for 50's music. I have one disc called Millinnium 60's party which is good. And Rhino CDs always sound good to me.

Look into the Hard Rock Cafe series. I have Great Balls Of Fire which covers the artists you mentioned.

Add Bill Haley and his Comets to your list of artists. I also like the faster harder styles of Rock N Roll.
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