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extension cables

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does anyone have any experience with teds excellent cables? i just found his website and wondered if they are any good, or are there other more affordable alternatives.
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I've heard good things about Ted's but the most popular headphone extension cable seems to be the DiMarzio. If your need is not immediate, you might wait for reviews of the Cardas extension cable. I have high hopes for it having finally heard the Cardas HD600 cable.
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I have one of the Ted's extensions. A 15 footer I think. I got it before the DiMarzio was available.

The cable is pretty good sounding, but is not completely colorless. It adds a warmth to the sound, so if that is to your liking, get one.

I recently ordered and received the DiMarzio Big Red extension from HeadRoom. It definately is more neutral sounding, a bit more detailed, and is a step up in my opinion. The high end is not quite as smooth as I would like--it has just a tinge of hardness in the high end. This is going to be noticeable probably only if you have a pretty good source/amp/headphone setup.

In the end, I decided to return the DiMarzios and wait for the forthcoming (so we're told) Cardas extensions. Given what I heard recently at the Dallas HeadRoom show, it should be worth the wait!
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I've tried a number of extension cables:

Kimber PBJ
Sonic Horizon Daybreak
Sonic Horizons Hurricane (arrives in two days)
DiMarzio Silver
DiMarzio Red

When I get my Hurrican, I'm going to do a mini-review. Long story short, the DiMarzio Red kills em all for build quality but it wouldn't insert into my Melos so I couldn't listen to it, and had to send it back. Of the cables above, the Daybreak is my favorite. I presume the Huricane at more than twice the price is substantially better.

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