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Hello All,

I wanted to let you guys know that I just had a great sale of my Sennheiser HD580's to Crewchief.

He drove all the way from Toledo to the Thumb of Michigan to pick them up and paid on the spot. In a semi truck too, no less!! A big, red rig.

Great guy and a pleasure to deal with.

Have fun with the new headphones, Crew!
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I would also like to give notice that crewchief was great to do business with. Sent me Senn HD280's in great condition (and in the original box no less). Quick shipping too.

I would receommend to check with him about whether a particular pair of headphones has been exposed to smoke (or possibly incense) - not a complaint from my end, just a heads up for potential buyers who might have a problem with that.
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Joel and I embarked on a rather interesting trade, and as such I think a bit of an extended feedback post is necessary. Basically, he traded me his HD580, K701, and 30gb iPod for me to go out and get him a nice pair of HD650s. As is typical with any internet transaction, I was kind of skeptical at first, since I was thinking he could just sell those headphones and iPod and buy the HD650 himself. However, after a single email (which must have been at least 500+ words!), he convinced me that 1) he is someone who can most definitely be trusted and 2) I would be getting a great deal out of this (which I totally agreed with). So within 24 hours, I had a pair of HD650's on the way to him, and he had his headphones and iPod on the way to me. During those 24 hours, we must have exchanged something like 10 emails, Joel is top rate when it comes to communication. Upon receiving the package, everything was exactly as described, and I couldn't be happier.

So the bottom line is, Joel is an absolutely trustworthy guy and truly an asset to the Head-Fi community. I would most definitely not hesitate to do business with Joel again.
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Traded some Shure foam tips (my med olives for his large) and everything went perfectly. This is definitely someone you can trust to buy/sell/trade with. Package came when he said it would.
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