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I sold my Beresford TC-7520 to rhythmdevils.
The transaction was super smooth and had no problem whatsoever.
Highly recommended.
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This is pretty late for me to submit feedback for whitney, but better than not at all. Bought Yamaha Yh100 in December, fast shipping and come in pristine condition. The transaction went very smooth, he trusted me even I only have 2 posts at that time. Nice guy to deal with. Thanks!
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Perfect transaction on my HD650. No worries with this Head-fier!

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rhythmdevils mailed me a flat Grado pad to match my one flat, asking in return whatever I felt it was worth to me. Ten bucks was a price we both felt was fair and now my SR80s are in full effect! She's good peoples, have no doubts.

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Traded my K340s for his HD650 with some cash in between.  Honest, great communication, and a very cool person to talk to.  Can't recommend Whitney highly enough.

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Whitney bought a silver LOD from me, he paid very promptly and stayed in contact throughout the whole sale. He's a pleasure to deal with and I would not hesitate to deal with him again in the future.

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I bought some RE0s from rhythmdevils.  Great price, quick shipping, clear communication.  Would definitely do business with again.

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I traded Whitney a Schiit Asgard for a pair of modded AKG K340's.

Outstanding and very smooth transaction.

Great communications, and Whitney is a very nice, honest, and trustworthy guy.

Whitney is a real pleasure to deal with, and I would not hesitate to do business with him again.

An absolute first rate asset to Headfi. Thank you Whitney!

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