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Just brought a K500 from Whitney. Great to deal with, good communication throughout the entire process, and it was packaged really well. Thanks again Whitney and I hope to deal with you again
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Whitney was great again. This is my second transaction with him and this time I sold him my Sextett MP. He was great with payment and communication. He even let me know when they came in. Overall a great guy to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. Thanks again Whitney and enjoy the new cans.
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Whitney bought AKG headphones from me on two occasions, and also commissioned me to recable one pair. Very smooth & easy transaction. Too Extreme Thanks!
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rhythmdevils bought an AKG from me and was simply great to deal with

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bought a pair of AKG k-290 stereo headphones.
Much love great cans.
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excellent transaction

just bought some k280 parabolic and k240 sextetts from Whitney locally- excellent satisfactory transaction!!
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I don't think I can say anything more than what other have said here. Whitney is a great guy to deal with. He bought the Float 2 from me and the transaction was as smooth as can be. I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again. thanks.
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Here is yet another post in praise of Whitney. I purchased his Jecklin Floats, and due to my good feedback record, he was willing to ship them out before receiving the payment. A great Head-Fier to deal with.
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Whitney sold me a pair of velours for my k340. Item was brand new as described and shipped quickly. No problems at all with the transaction. Good to do business with.
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Traded my YH1 Orthos for his DT150. Very smooth deal, and quick shipping to boot!

Thanks mate!
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Whitney is a great person to deal with. Great communication, prompt payment, just a perfectly smooth transaction. Thanks!
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Just sold rhythmdevils a set of Equinox cables for Sennheisers. Communication was very clear and the transaction went very smooth. Payment was sent immediately. Would do business again!
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Bought the Silver Dragon V2 cable from Whitney. Great communication. Smooth transaction. A trusted source. Cheers!
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Bought a pair of HD650's from Whitney,

Well for one it seems like he's a very busy guy and I respect that. I've been a buying spree as of late so between him being busy and me trying to acquire funds it took us about a week and a half to figure out a deal. After the deal was established everything was sent out promptly with great service, and he followed up with a tracking # immediately after sending them. All in all I like what I received and I felt good about the whole transaction so I'd advise people to feel free to deal with him. He has 4 pages of feedback to prove that he's trustworthy =)

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I traded with Whitney my AKG K81dj for his JVC HA-RX700. Dealing with him was great. The headphones are great, and exactly as described. Communication with Whitney was excellent and he dispatched them very quickly. I would definately do business with him again.
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