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that's because it wasn't buisness it was pleasure!

you work like 10 minutes from where we met. give me a break! its not like you drove from nebraska!

and i was under the impression that it was more about listening than the sr71. you got to hear some awsome cans and i got to hear your gilmore lite.

and i think it was your idea that i hold onto the sr71....

this place is rediculous!
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I purchased the iPod Pocketdock from Whitney

It was a clean fast and professional transaction. Would do business with again.

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Whtitney rocks!

I send him a check filled out improperly and, without knowing for certain that the bank would pass it, he sent me the product, a $300+ item, basically on faith. When UPS misaddressed it, he followed up with shipping and delivery info that saved the day.

Do business with this guy ... you won't be sorry

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SM3 w/o switches

Whitney bought my SuperMacro v3 without switches. He paid quickly, and was gracious when dealing with the issue I had with the mail. I'd gladly deal with him again.
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Sold me a drumset. I am very satisfied with this purchase, a very reliable person whom I recommmend for any kind of transaction
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I bought a Pair of Hp-2's from Whitney and he shipped them out to me before my check cleared....very trusting..It wasn't pocket change, either.....He's got a big thumbs up from me.
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I bought a pair of MS1 headphones from Whitney. He was a nice person to communicate and transact with. The packing job was first rate, and the headphones were perfect.
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Nice person to talk to, fast communication (though we are 15 hours apart), he even sent me the SR325 before he even checked the amount on my bank draft (bad postal service )! Shipping was FAST (that's international shipping!). Indeed very trusting.

Well, if you have anymore cans to sell and I happen to "have" money, I will surely buy from him again.

p.s. good luck on your downgraditus.

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I bought a pair of DT-880s from Whitney. The transaction went well and I enjoy the 'phones. An asset to the community.
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I bought a set of Headphile Blacksilver cables from Whitney. They are in excellent condition and the transaction was smooth.

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I sold a 4g imod to Whitney. He is a great communicator, very pleasant to deal with and paid immediately. I'd welcome future transactions with him.

Thanks again Whitney- enjoy the your new imod.
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rhythmdevils bought a Sylvania tube from me. He paid promptly and was a pleasure to deal with. Thanks, and enjoy your darkvoice
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Ah. Whitney purchased a mini-mini interconnect from me.
Great communication, prompt payment.
Excellent transaction and would recommend without hesitation!

Thanks again!

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Sold Whitney 2 amps. Communication was always clear and prompt, as was payment. Very easy and cooperative person to do business with, would not hesitate to work with again.
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What a great buyer! Whitney is the best!
Do not hesitate to buy or sell from him.
Excellent communication, lightning quick payment, extremely trustworthy, and honest.
Sold him a near mint pair of Sennheiser HD600's/Cardas cable combo, and he was very appreciative, kind, and very complimentary of them.
I would do any kind of buying or selling from him again in a heartbeat.
Thanks Whitney for a GREAT transaction!
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