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I just completed a trade for a set of cables from rhythmdevils. I couldn't have asked for a smoother transaction. Communication and shipping were both superb.

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Traded my MS1's for a pair of HD-590's. Great communication. Fast shipping. And provided many pictures. Very easy person to deal with.

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I have done at least four and up to seven, separate transactions with Whitney and would highly recommend dealing with her, no worries here... Thanks Whitney! -Larry
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Whitney sold me a set of Grado Bowls. They shipped before I paid and arrived as described. Perfect transaction all the way through. Would deal with again without question.
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Sold rhythmdevils some 414 pads, smooth deal
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I also sold rhythmdevils some modded 414 pads. Payment was received promptly and communication was awesome. Thanks!
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Rhythmdevils and I met in person when I bought his Headphile-woodied HD600s. The phones were in great shape as advertised. He is a great guy and a great Headfier, and I would highly recommend him as a buyer or seller.
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Bought a headphile-made mini-mini from rhythmdevils, arrived quickly and in the stated condition -- thanks much!!
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Bought a bunch of CDs from Whitney. Wouldn't hesitate to do business again. Thanks!
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Sold HP-2's to Whitney - transaction was smooth, fast and decisive communication, prompt delivery of payment, great follow-up, A+ transaction
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Purchased his Pocketdock for my iPod. Great price, communication, fast shipping and a great transaction overall

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Not a good experience...

I had contacted Whitney about the HP-2s he bought from Recstar24 above to let him know that I'd be interested if he were to consider selling them. A week later he PMed to let me know that he doesn't like the way they sound and he'd sell them to me. He quoted a price that I agreed to. Then he stalled as it came time to pay and told me he wanted to wait until after the weekend and for me to pay on Monday. The following happened over the weekend:

1. I sell a mint vintage Breitling watch to aggregate funds for this purchase and to pay him promptly.
2. I allow an eBay auction to go by where the HP-2 was won for only $811! I didn't bid because I was honoring my commitment.

Meanwhile he ignores my PMs to obtain shipping address for the payment...and continues to post on Head-Fi as if nothing had happened. Completely unresponsive.

EDIT: After the frustrating events above, I was fortunate that another Head-Fier had a very nice pair for sale and ended up closing the transaction with him. I mean I literally had the cash in my pocket for a couple of days as I awaited Rhythmdevils' response and was ready to go to the post office and get an MO.

Rhythmdevils finally contacted me almost 2 weeks later (again, he's read my PMs and had been posting the entire time) and told me that he "spaced" out. But I did appreciate that at least he acknowledged what had happened. But I had also found out he had pulled out of at least one other transaction for another item before.

EDIT #2: Voltron, I had 3! PMs where I asked for Whitney's payment information. The first one was ignored and he simply responded to other parts of my PM. For the second one he suggested he wanted to wait the weekend. The third on on Monday he simply didn't write back to me at all. You figure it out.

EDIT #3: I would also like to emphasise that Whitney didn't swindle me out of money or anything and he is a nice guy. But similar to what Episiarch said below is he just has a tendency to waffle on transactions and doesn't make a full commitment. I believe with these posts he will be more resolute when it comes to future dealings.
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im sorry you are so upset oski. but your reaction to this is a bit over the top.

after reading our conversationg again, i specifically remember sending you a pm with my address. but it doesnt show up anywhere in my system. so i dont doubt that you didnt get it. im just wondering why...

what it comes down to is that i thought you were sending the money already. I was about to send the headphones early before the check even got here because i felt so good about our conversations. then i find out you already got an hp2 from someone else.

so i didnt realize i didnt send you my address. why is that such a big deal? couldnt you have just reminded me?

look at the permanent change you made to my feedback. and think about how long it would have taken you to remind me....
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FWIW, Whitney and I had a micro-meet while he still thought this deal was pending. He even said he thought that the buyer--Oski--had sent the check already and that he was going to have to ship the HP2s out shortly. Now, Whitney had no reason to make those comments if he didn't think they were true and if he didn't have every intention of sending the cans to Oski. I understand that Oski was very furstrated but he did manage to get ayt999's slightly more pristine HP2s in the end, and I appreciate that he edited his post to tone it down somewhat. (Especially since both my parents are Cal Bears and he is named after their alma mater's mascot).

My positive feedback on Whitney stands and I find him to be a very trustworthy and valuable member of our community. And just so people don't think I am a shill, I first met Whitney when I bought his HD600 woodies in August and then saw him for the second time a couple weeks ago for the aforementioned micro meet. Peace. Out.
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Not fully businesslike

I'm belatedly posting the events of an attempted transaction a couple of months ago. Rhythmdevils posted an SR-71 for sale in August. His asking price was $20-30 above the two or three most recent sales at that time, but I wanted the amp for an upcoming trip more than I wanted to wait for a better deal, and he was a local seller which I thought would ensure a smooth transaction.

We exchanged a number of PM's related to the sale and to meeting up (it was turning into a micro-meet as well as a sale). The night before the intended sale/meeting, I saw he'd posted his SR-71 in someone else's WTB thread. I wrote to ask him to clarify what was going on. He said he wasn't sure how serious I was and didn't want to put all his eggs in one basket. I wrote back within minutes to confirm that I was serious and had the full price with me in cash, and to ask for a time. A couple PM's later we had settled on a place and time - the house where he was staying, after I got off work.

When I arrived, he showed me in and excused himself. His computer was in the room, and I saw without touching or even approaching it (very big screen) a Head-Fi post in which he was telling someone else that he wasn't certain whether I was a serious buyer. I thought we'd established that. He let me listen to his SR-71 while I let him hear my K501's. (I might have brought my Gilmore Lite for him to hear as well.) He also let me hear his woodied MS-1's, an odd pair of heavily modded HP3000's, and his killer Mackie desktop monitors. As a minimeet host he was very generous.

When it came time to do the transaction, though, he had decided he really wasn't ready to part with the SR-71, though I had cash in hand. I found this quite frustrating, though not entirely surprising since he'd given earlier indications that he was ambivalent about the sale.

My personal impression is that he is a nice fellow and not ethically challenged, but that his understanding of expected behavior in a business transaction setting is less . . . disciplined. . . than I and I believe many of my peers would prefer.
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