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NAD 310: what speakers?

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I have a NAD 310. do you have any suggestion for a pair of speakers for it?
I would like to spend no more than 300 USD..

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I haven't heard them, but the Axiom M3Ti's have gotten very good reviews and are quite popular. they're $275.
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I used to have an NAD 304 and used PSB Alphas with it to very good effect. Since NAD and PSB are owned by the same "mother" company, they actually bundle Alphas with the NAD L40 as their "Music System."

I would look at the new Alpha B (around $200 online), or, for less money and a bit less bass, the discontinued Alpha Mini. You can get the Alpha Minis in cherry finish from Yawa for $132/pair (in white for $99!). The Minis originally sold for around $250-$300. I don't think ANY other speaker can touch them for this price.


The Paradigm Atoms, Axioms, and a couple NHT models are also great in the $300 range.
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I just went out to Yawa on Saturday to audition the PSB Alpha A/V with the subzero5 and can't possibly imagine anything sounding nearly as good as them for the price. For S&G me and the wife stopped by "the Good Guys" on the way back and listend to a couple different systems at about 2 to 3 times the price and they couldn't even come close to the PSB speakers, not that I expected they would.
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psb alpha b's with a DIY sub sounds better for the price
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Also look at the Energy e:XL16's. I think they are under $300 in the US. Over here they are a bit more expensive but still worth every penny. I've had mine for 2 years now and still like them a lot!

Also, you might want to buy a nice pair of stands to go with them.
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The Energy speakers were one of the sets I listened to at good guys. They cost about 50% more than the Alphas and to my ears didn't sound as good. Of course this is in a mediocre store i heard them, so placement might not of been so great.

Depending on what type of setup you want you could get the Alpha 5.1 package consisting of 4 of the A/Vs(B), 1 Center, and the SubZero5 for about $700.
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