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Originally posted by Ricky
But for your little experiment to be valid from a scientific point of view, has to be double-blind, sorry. That's how drugs efectiveness is tested, because that is the only reliable method.
You're overusing the concept of science here. This isn't a courtroom, I do not have to prove beyond reasonable doubt yada-yada-yada-blah-blah-blah.

The extrapolation of this is that I can make a claim that I can hear the difference between Black Sabbath and Holst, and you'll come back and say, sorry, that opinion is not valid unless you've done a double-blind test.

Sorry, you're wrong. There are some differences that are wildly enough different that one does not need a DBT to believe they are different. I'm saying I have two pairs of cables (not all of them, just the two at the most extremes, as the most extreme example) that are so wildly different sounding that you do not need a DBT to be able to tell the difference. Nor your preference.

And I'm also telling you that your opinion is not valid until you've actually listened to some of these cables. You can quote all the theory you want at me, but without practical experience, your opinion is worthless.
So, it's all about DBT's, but this thread was started before DBT banning. I won't troll at other threads (except maybe the DBT one ;-) ) with this issue.
Ummm...that's not how it works. The whole forum is supposed to be DBT-free...and...uh...(suddenly, Dusty realizes he is guilty himself)...uh, sorry Jude...methinks this thread should have been closed before I got here, no?

Zen question for you -- you're making a claim that DBT is the only way to prove something. How could I possibly prove you wrong? You can't DBT DBT-vs.-non-DBT...
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I don't think the debate between the relevancy of DBT is useful in the context of cable. Neither camp can convince the other camp on the test.

One important point nobody mention is how great the difference is. If the difference is like black and white, then DBT could be useful. But if the difference is like ash white vs bone white, then DBT will be like testing your memory. There is a difference but the result will depend on the individual.

So you might prefer bone white over ash white over a long period, but you might not be able to tell in a DBT. So what.

This is really up to the individual that spends his own money.
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Ricky, you seem to only respond to selective posts. Even thogh I don't necessarily agree that DBT is always the best method for testing audio, I'll put it here quite plainly: I've done DBT with cables, with clear results: there is a difference.

If you're interested, here's how it was done: a very good CDP with two outputs, connected via two different sets of cables (cheap RS and good after-market) to a Max (which has two inputs). I hooked up the cables so that the person doing the switching didn't know which was which. I put on my headphones facing the opposite direction. The other person sat in front of the Max, reached behind, and flipped the switch back and forth, keeping track of whether the position was "up" or "down."

Is that not enough to convince you?
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Originally posted by MacDEF
Ricky, you seem to only respond to selective posts
No, what happens is that I don't have much time to do this, so I can't respond to everybody.

I will respond you in a more extense post in the few next days, it's 1:15 night at here.
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jude, I think that you shouldn't completely ban the use of DBT in judging cables. Maybe it doesnt show all the subtle differences that cables make, but at least you should give people the option to use that. It can be a useful way to compare differences in audio equipment without the preconception that the more expensive expensive cable will be better. I thought this forum was a place where people can freely post their opinions?
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Originally posted by dvw
[B]So you might prefer bone white over ash white over a long period, but you might not be able to tell in a DBT. So what.
DBT's I'm talking are about being able to detect a difference, not to determine preference.
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