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HTS1100 vs. BPT Jr. ?

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What is a better buy: the hts1100 at $129 or the BPT-Jr. at $270? Is balanced power really worth $140 more?
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I own the new 1100 which is apparently a completely re-vamped design and find it to be an excellent product. I used to own the HTS5000 (old design) which at $600 retail is only slightly better.

I would grab the Monster and with the money left over buy a couple of the Virtual Dynamics Power 3's. They're on special for $50 (see other thread). Overall, I found the Virtual Dynamics products to provide much more improvemnt over a power conditioner and they're cheap as heck right now. Hook one up to your Melos! My Maestro loves these cords.

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My melos has a trapped power cord... but I'm wondering how hard it would be to install a standard IEC plug...

Any balanced power advocates out there?
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Balanced power works wonders in my system, so that's where my vote goes. Haven't heard any of the Monster line of power conditioning.
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Have you compared your BPT unit to a plain line conditioner?

What I'm getting at is that the balanced power products do perform filtering in addition to making the power balanced... what percent of the benefit is just the filtering, what percent is just the balanced aspect?

I've tried an ultimate outlet and it did a lot for my system; I am just wondering how much better true balanced power would be.
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Jon, did you call B-P-T? They may send you a JR to audition. Looks like a small company, couldn't hurt to ask......that is if you haven't already.
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Jon, I have not tried any other type of power conditioning.
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I have both a Monster 2000 and 3000 in my HT system and a BPT unit in my den system. No contest. The monster units do a good job of preventing ground loops (which is very important for the HT system with several antenna/SAT cables) but they are nowhere near as good as the BPT for reducing power line grunge and reducing the overall noise floor of the system.
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I don't like the Monsters HTS-1000 & 2000 for high-end systems -- they drop noise and stop ground loops, but they color the sound too much and limit current(you will notice this in the bass and in program material that contains large dynamic range like classical). These are products that are more at home in mid-fi HT systems imho.

I don't use any conditioners any more. If I were looking into any, I'd look into something that claims not to limit current like the PS Audio Ultimate Outlet.
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The Monsters also have outlets for mega-watt amps that do not limit current. I've never found the Monster to "harm" sound, on the contrary, the gains are there, but modest. Much better, though, than the Panamax Max 1000+ I owned prior to the Monsters. Panamax was essentially worthless in my system.

At the Good Guys near me, they have all the old and new Monster power conditioners with glass tops so you can see the guts. Indeed, the new versions appear to be better built. They look nothing alike inside.

If you have video gear, you will notice major improvements with the Monster. This is especially so if you plug your cable TV cable into the unit, it really "cleans up" the image. It's worth looking into the new Monsters IMO.

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I have a Monster HTS-2000 and I can't really tell if it does anything. The only thing I noticed was that I used to get a lot of power drops before and now I don't notice them anymore. I also have a BPT Jr and the only thing I've noticed was a blacker background but it was very subtle. If you want to try my BPT Jr. let me know and maybe we can work something out.
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