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Bybee filters

Has anyone here had experience with Bybee filters? Dan Wright (Modwright) is the OEM seller of them and a big proponent. The technology was apparently originally designed to lower the noise floor in Navy sonar equipment and the like. They're intended for power components and Dan seems to offer them with just about everything power related he does.

I'm very curious, to say the least.
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Hi Kelly,
Indeed my SCD-333ES with Modwright mods also has the Bybee filters installed. Todd is very enthusiastic about the Bybee filters. In my initial impressions, I was not as aware of the improvement wrought by the Bybee filters as I was the original upgrade (I got his standard upgrade first, then later sent it back to have Bybees installed). The first upgrade literally blew my mind, I was less sure about the effect of the Bybees, but i had attached a standard cheapie power cord to the SCD-333ES rather than an aftermarket audiophile cable.

However, since then I've upgraded to a better power cable (VD Power 3, soon to be Signature Cryo) . I can't say how much the Bybees enabled the Power 3 to shine vs. the new cable. Nevertheless, adding the Power 3 to my system has really opened my eyes. How much of the obvious improvement is due to the Power 3, how much to the Bybees, I don't know. All I know is, together, they are astounding! PM me if you need more info. Cheers.

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I saw something that I had wondered about for the longest time. I was flipping through a Stereo Review and I saw an ad for a speaker surround replacement system. This caught my eye because I had a pair of speakers at the time that the surrounds had eaten away. They were good sounding speakers and I would have rather brought them back from the dead than just throw them away. Now did any of you see this system or use it? Is it still around? I never bought it because I wasn't sure how effective it might be.
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Try put hockey pucks underneath the stock feets of your CDP, or put your CDP on a piece of MDF then hockey pucks. Try this $5 tweaks, it will surprise you.
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would salt + lemon juice & vinegar solution work well?
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Originally posted by markl
Todd is very enthusiastic about the Bybee filters.
Who's Todd?
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Doh! I meant Dan as in Dan Wright.

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Anyway, there are a bunch of mixed impressions on Bybees at asylum.
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