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Get a different mastering of it then, because there's no background noise on mine
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Arthur Salvatore

Arthur Salvatore has a list:

This is the best list I've seen so far. Most recordings in the list is LP, I have been able to find some CD reissues of these recordings and find them genuinely good. Other pages of his site
are well worth reading too.
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"At Carnegie Hall" and "Returns To Carnegie Hall" Harry Belafonte
"Gone....Just Like A Train" Bill Frisell
"Kind Of Blue" Mile Davis
"Time Out" Dave Brubeck
"Royal Albert Hall 2005" Cream
"Going Back Home" Ginger Baker Trio
"Live At Berkeley" Jimi Hendrix
"Stripped" Rolling Stones
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Dire Straits- Brothers In Arms (DVD-A)
Little Feat- Waiting For Columbus
Beck - Sea Change (DVD-A)
Beatles -Abbey Road (Remaster 09)
Carly Simon- No Secrets (DVD-A)
Al Dimeola,John McLaughlin,Paco De Lucia- Friday Night In San Francisco (SACD)
Tchaikovsky-1812 Overture (Telarc SACD)
Pink Floyd -DSOTM (SACD)
Donald Fagen-Morph The Cat(DVD-A)
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Originally Posted by sonci View Post

I think Jack Johnson albums are well recorded, quiet, clean, warm..

Yeah, I especially like the vocals!

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Don't think this has been mentioned:




I Robot

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Originally Posted by jpr703 View Post

Eric Clapton's Unplugged is darn good for a live album.


This is the album I would have mentioned if nobody else did by now.

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opps.. see below.

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Pink Floyd- DSOTM (MFSL Gold Disc) (CD)

Beatles- Sgt Peppers (CD '09 Remaster Stereo)

Beach Boys- Pet Sounds (CD 40th Anniversary Edition)

Radiohead – In Rainbows Original 45 RPM Double LP

Billy Squier – Don’t Say No Limited Edition LP (Limited Edition Audiophile LP Mastered By Stan Ricker)

AC/DC – Back In Black Original US First Pressing LP (Original US First Pressing Mastered by Robert Ludwig )

Jimi Hendrix – Axis:Bold As Love Original UK Track Mono LP (Original UK Track Mono First Pressing)

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Can't go past Sgt. Peppers and Dark Side.

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The Beatles - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ('09 remaster)

Radiohead - OK Computer

Muse - Absolution; Black Holes and Revelations

Chris Cornell - Euphoria Morning

Fleetwood Mac - Rumors

Beach Boys - Pet Sounds

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radiohead kid a, the title track is especially brilliant.

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I recently listened Allen Taylor's album Colour of the Moon and I think it is well recorded.

I also like Antonio Forcione's Touch Wood

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Katie Melua - Piece by Piece and her debut album - Call off the search.

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