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Dave Brubeck - Park Avenue South
William Ackerman - Hearing Voices
Pat Metheny - One Quiet Night
Los Angeles Guitar Quartet - Latin
Monica Stadler - Song for the Earth
Micky Hart - Planet Drum
Brian Bromberg - Wood
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I think Jack Johnson albums are well recorded, quiet, clean, warm..
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60's: Miles Davis - In A Silent Way
70's: Steely Dan - Aja
80's: XTC - Skylarking
90's - : My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
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Built to Spill - Live(2000)
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Huge listing already and all good stuff.

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto Trio - Midnight Sugar. The CD is almost as good as the vinyl. Heck, most TBM recordings are excellent!
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Originally Posted by elrod-tom View Post
I meant to put that one on my list, but got busy thinking about others and forot. A VERY good album technically...I really like the title track. One of my reference cuts.

The xylaphone at the end is wonderfull.
Most underated dire straits album . full stop
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Originally Posted by sonci View Post
I think Jack Johnson albums are well recorded, quiet, clean, warm..
I second that. Nice tuneful bass.
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Most Madonna albums are superbly done. I don't care for the music but the mastering is top notch.
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I really like the music and sound quality on:

Joni Mitchell – Blue (DCC Gold Edition)

Bill Evans - The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings, 1961 (2005 remaster).
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Yes - Close to the Edge
The Beatles - Abbey Road
Pink Floyd - DSOTM & Animals
Led Zeppelin - Led Zeppelin II

I wish newer music would have the same sound quality as all the older stuff... :-(
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Ariel Pink's Haunted Grafitti anyone? Lol, lo-fi.

Anyone who listens to him on here, props.
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Any jazz album recorded after 1950 usually sounds excellent
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Rage Against the Machine debut album.
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Electric Prunes, Release Of An Oath 180 gram repressing RS6316 Reprise
Depech Mode Black Celebration Sire LP
Kraftwerks 1st pressing LP Virgin
Autobaun Lp

The Song Remains The Same 180 gram Box set LP X4
Metallica The Black Album LP X2

I do not know if these are the very best recorded to me or if I just like the sound of the recordings and music performed.
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I can't believe someone put Wish You Were Here on this list. There's so much background noise on SOYCD I can't listen to it with headphones.
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