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I have several albums on my "near perfect" list:


1. Muddy Waters: Folk Singer


2. Cowboy Junkies: Trinity Revisited


3. Alison Krauss: Forget About It


4. Miles Davis: Kind of Blue 24/96


5. Jill Barber: Mischievous Moon


And many more...

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For me the list is like this:

Everything Steven Wilson

Dream Theater- Black Clouds and Silver Linings

Animals As Leader- Self Titled

Ocean- Pelagial

Orbs- Asleep Next To Science

Between The Buried and Me- Colors


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What a great thread.  Paying attention to music and recordings is far more productive than obsessing over equipment!


My first entries, in no particular order:


1) Master of Reality- self titled.  This is a fairly little-known band whose second album actually had Ginger Baker on drums.  But this is one of the best Redbook CD's that I own, and "Kill the King" is one of my references for depth and detail.  Excellent Texas blues/rock.


2) King Crimson- Lizard. The Steven Wilson re-master is brilliant, taking a so-so album and turning it in to a masterpiece.  All of the Crimso remasters are outstanding, but this one is mind-blowing in how it turned out.  I would list all of the remasters, but I'm trying to restrain myself.


3) Cowboy Junkies- Trinity Session Yes, Trinity Revisited may be technically superior, but the original is stunning in the lack of pretense. 


4) Porcupine Tree- In Absentia  Again, I could list them all, but "Trains" is a reference recording for me, both main stereo and headphones.


5) Kyuss- Welcome to Sky Valley I'm going on a limb with this one, and it is certainly not an audiophile recording.  But it is as close to a live recording as one can get, and still be in the studio.  There is a ton of depth amidst the distortion, and this is the defining album of the whole Stoner/Doom/Dessert Rock genre.  But one has to REALLY be into down-tuned distortion to 'get it'


Thanks for all the suggestions so far.  I hope there are thousands more to come...

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