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So long Audio Advisor, hello Kevro International ?

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From http://www.stereophile.com :

Playing Musical Fidelity Chairs

By Jon Iverson

August 6, 2001 — Although the deal was announced by both companies only weeks ago, it appears that Audio Advisor will in fact not be distributing Musical Fidelity products in the US after September 1. In AA's place, Musical Fidelity has chosen Kevro International as the exclusive US distributor for its complete line of electronic products. According to Kevro International spokesperson Kathy Ginn, "Musical Fidelity [has] chosen to market [its] products through independent specialists rather than [continue] their previous approach [of distributing the line] through mail order and the Internet. And, unfortunately, AA will no longer be a dealer."
Kevro has distributed Monitor Audio loudspeakers in the United States for the past 15 years and says that it welcomes Musical Fidelity "as the perfect complementary line." Kevro's Ross Ginn cites "the obvious synergy between the two lines and . . . the benefits and marketing opportunities that this alliance would afford the dealers."

According to Kevro's David Solomon, "The US distribution plan will involve setting up a network of upscale A/V specialists that possess an appreciation for high-end British electronics. As with Monitor Audio, we will take a limited distribution, partnership approach with our dealer network." The company's Jim Spainhour adds, "Some of the best high-end audio dealers in the country are already calling—Musical Fidelity's reputation is just that strong. We have 10 [dealers] committed to the line so far. We will be fully ramped up by September 1 and ready for the selling season."

Designed and manufactured in England since 1982, Musical Fidelity components have frequently been favorably reviewed in Stereophile. The A3CR choke-regulated power amplifier, the Nu-Vista 300 power amp, and the M3 integrated amp all earned Class A "Recommended Component" listings in the April 2001 issue.
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I would like to ask something totally off-topic, what does it mean when you quote something and put certain words or phrases in brackets? Sorry if it's a stupid question, but I've been wondering this for a while.
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It usually means that what's in the brackets is not in the orignial being quoted (or not in this form).
Rather it is inserted by somebody using the quote to help clear up the context. It is also used to insert words that are necessary to make the quoted sentences grammatically correct.


Original: "The Sennheiser 580 is an excellent headphone. Its midrange is clear and smooth"

Quote: "Its [Sennheiser 580] midrange is clear and smooth"

or "[The Sennheiser 580's] midrange is clear and smooth"

or "The Sennheiser 580 [...] is clear and smooth"

where [...] denotes that something was left out - in this case however it alters the meaning and should not be used
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Thanx redwood - I wuz wonderin the SAME thing....lol...
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Yeah, thanks a lot for clearing that up.
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all of these newspaper articles are starting to make SENSE now!
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