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Hey, I just thought that since he got the Shure E2c soft sleave group buy al together and made good on it, I would leave some positive feedback. Great work.
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The entire buy was very well organized with a lot of updates and considering how large scale it was and matters out of his control, he did a great job. Nothing but positive feedback coming from here
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Completely satisfied with his group buy organization. Frequent status updates via thread posts and PM.

Would do again.

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A big thank-you from the UK. Thanks also to MD's mum and dad for the frequent trips to the post office!
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Thanks for organizing the Shure goup buy. Without that we European members would have been left with some dirty little foamies.

Keep up the good work!
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many thanks from Malaysia, group buy was handled out efficiently and systematically..everything went smooth.
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MD1032 organised this group buy superbly, I'd do it again.
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I bought a pair of sr80's from MD1032. I am very pleased with them. MD1032 was great to deal with- good comunication, smooth transaction, and fast shipping.

Highly recommended.
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Smoothest transaction ever. Paid me late last week, item arrived Monday, he notified me immediately. An awesome Head-Fier and someone I would definitely do business with again
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Excellent, hassle-free buyer. Would deal with again anytime. Thanks!
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I sold my Grado SR-80 to him, nice guy~~
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John bought my sr60s in a quick, easy, fair, and painless transaction. i'd be happy to work with him again. he's a recommended head-fier.
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Sold my pair of sr60i's to MD, Communication was great, everything went smoothly, and will buy/sell to again.
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I just bought some ATH-AD700's from John and everything went smoothly. Payment sent on Sunday night and new cans arrived by Wednesday afternoon. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again.
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John purchased some CDs from me. Payment was fast and there was good communication. I would certainly do business with him again. Thanks.
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