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I can get one new for $600. Still not sure if I want to take that plunge. If I do, I'll have to wait about 3 months to get the whole rig up.
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Jolida JD1501A

So what you are saying here is that you bought them used? What was the final verdict as to why your JOlida's were having issues?


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hey. i've owned 3 jolida 1501rc units which i paired with magnepan mmg speakers. 2 of my three units blew mosfets and caught fire. Jolida president, mike allen, was a very nice guy to deal with and tried twice to remedy the situation, but when the third unit started performing strangely i sent it back to him while it was still intact rather than given him anothe burnt unit.

if you buy anything jolida, BUY IT NEW, warranty is crucial.
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hhm i wonder who tube guy is


that said this 1501 is tempting  but i think i want to try a jolida preamp  trouble is the on i got my eye on doesent have a phono stage, do any of there preamps do?  typically most company i have found enjoy selling you seperates and torchering you in the process, all the while not showing picture of the rear of unit,  quite vexing

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Do not EVER buy anything from Jolida.  Two capacitors went bad and they kept my amp for over TWO MONTHS and charged me almost $300 to fix it.  NO APOLOGY whatsoever except to tell me their "systems weren't the best".  $300 for two capacitors.  Two months.  No contact from them. EVER.


Their stuff is just rebranded Chinese junk anyway.

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