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Grado SR60 for sale $45

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Grado SR60s at $45 dollars US including shipping to US via USPS priority mail. email me if out of US.
Good condition, except for wear on the silver lettering on the outsides of the chambers. New earpads from headroom. I cut out the originals.
Had these for about a month. Just got SR80s. SR325s on the way. I need to sell.
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PMed you.

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hey im interested in buying. How much would shipping be to Massachusetts near Boston? 



im new to head-fi so idk if im supposed to reply here or somewhere else, srry if this is the wrong place to reply

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Sickest bump I've seen in a while (and I'm not helping either).


You probably didn't notice, but the cans were listed FS more than 8 years ago.

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