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First of all, I was going to purchase the Grado adapter. Then I thought, there must be something less expensive and shorter. I searched Headroom and all they had were the audiofilet stuff. I like Headroom so I did purchase the mini to mini cable and some grado ear pads, but I wasn't quite ready to spend that much on a simple adapter.
This is it. Gold plated 1/4 to 1/8 adapter.
Not that the gold part played a huge part in my decision; it did help. The craftsmanship on this puppy is right on!
The gold plated parts are enclosed by an aluminum sleeve about the size of a um....44 magnum cartridge.
The knurled aluminum looks classy.
I know, I know, looks is not all.....but yet for nine bucks I think it was money well spent.
No plastic or cheaply made steel sleeves.
Of course I probably gotta buy the Grado to compare! Well, maybe not...I am only a mid fier.
just my thoughts,
(edit) The adapter that came with my ATH-A9X looks similar to the stock grado adapter, only it is gold plated.