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Better Source vs DAC

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Ok, I currently have a denon 370. I'm NOT thinking of upgrading anything soon, but I'm sort of curious.

If I'd ever upgrade my source, would it make more sense to get a new source, or would it make more sense to get, say, an Art DI/O?
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I'm gonna jump on this wagon too. I've been considering either a Pioneer DV-47a (this would replace 9000es in my main system, and allow me to use the 9000 in my head-rig) or keeping the Harman Kardon 5cdp (which is in my head-rig now) and adding a Theta DS Pro Basic 3a.

I am considering these two specific components because they can be had at about the same price.
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I'd say go for the Art DI/O. Differences in the digital output stage of sources are less significant than the D/A conversion. So the latter part would be more important. The DI/O is an exceptional DAC, with a great price/performance ratio. I'd think that getting a CDP that would improve the sound as much as the DI/O would cost several times as much as the $125 for the DI/O. Plus, you could always get another CDP at a later date (and still use it in conjunction with the DI/O). The DI/O is also somewhat upgradable (though not as much as the MSB Link).
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Think of it this way, you're going to end up getting both a better source and an amp anyway. So it really doesn't matter which you get first. Just get which ever is cheaper (most likely the MG Head).
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MG Head cheaper than Art DI/O?
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I think andrzejpw was talking about his source, not amp...to get a new source or keep the Denon he has and get an outboard DAC (hope that's what he meant, that's why I jumped on his coat-tails)
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yup! You've got it down. Sorry if I haven't made myself clear.

I wouldn't get a new source anyway. Not until college, anyway.

How does the DAC of the art compare to DACs of other, more expensive sources, anyway?
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I think it's better to get an ART DI/O if you have many sources with optical out but questionable analog circuitry inside... (eg. pcdp, computer sound card with digital out, CDP...)

It would be of less value if you only want to listen out of one source. (but still very good value? )
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I believe Art DI/O is better than most...considering that the DI/O is a good as DACs that cost over $2000. So it stands to reason that you would have to spend more than $2000 on a CDP to get similar quality (and this amount does not take into account the work needed to be done on the part that actually reads the CD). But, I haven't really tried and CDPs at this price range so I don't have any first hand experience...perhaps the compition for high-end CDPs is more than DACs, and hence could give you a better value.
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A new source as in a quality single box CDP. I'm going from PC transport - outboard DAC of a sound card - MG Head to Arcam CD72 - META42 (diy portable solid state amp). However, with this neat little thing I'll have a second system for the laptop computer.
I anticipate the new system will be of higher quality than my current, just not as sweet sounding that tubes give you. (Cary, wait a few years 'til I get my own place, hehe)

Bloggy, if you're not going to offer anything to the thread, seriously consider holding back your comments. That's about the most lead-filled misconception I have ever seen. I've stated countless times how important the source is, which you seem to have finally begun realizing.
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Just remember this, A&M originally recommended getting the MG Head as a source upgrade from the Denon 370 before editing his post

Try playing a CD from the MG Head

Try editing this post
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Since you already have a transport, the ART DI/O is an inexpensive way to greatly improve the overall sound of your system. As has been stated before, to get a better sound from a single box player will cost you tons, and the Denon/ART combo will satisfy for a long time to come, unless you get the SACD/DVD-A itch.

I am seriously considering purchasing an ART to go with my JVC DVD player. It will certainly be my next system upgrade.
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Yet again bloggy, IMHFO ITSOT you are talking out of your ass.
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Well then, your humble opinion is very humble indeed
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Just a note to potential DI/O buyers:

It takes a coaxial digital input rather than optical in. Optical digital signals could be fed from your source to the DI/O via a digital converter (eg. Midiman CO2, Fostex COP-1, Monarchy DIP yadda yadda yadda...).
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