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This is just too funny to not share

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Read this article and the feedback and you will understand what I am talking about:


Just to give you a hint at what is coming. The guy called the Bose Wave Radio as audiophile equipment.
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Funny? Hardly. More like an atrocity. How could anyone in their right mind call that Audiophile equipment?! It may be acceptable to most consumers, but certainly not audiophiles. He didn't even mention how it sounded. All he cared about, like most consumers, is that it had some fancy features that are over hyped, just like everything else Bose does.

Of course, for $349, it had better be the best radio you've ever heard
Ha! Most standalone speakers at that price, unless used, aren't very good at all. I'd much rather have a Panasonic CT470 and some Grado SR-80s for about $150, less than half the price and IMO sounds easily twice as good. They don't know what they're missing...
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No kidding, articles like this on mainstream news sites will do nothing but hurt the perception of real audiophile equipment to the general public.
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No it isn't, but I give that guy kudos.
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The bit about mags not being allowed to review Bose stuff. Never realised that, but its quite true. Speaks volumes.
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Aside from anything Bose related, that user interface on that website to read the "talkbacks" is painfully inefficient to use, it it weren't so funny/sad I wouldn't have kept going, would it really be THAT hard to just display all the posts on one page or at least more than one?

Anyway, that was a pretty sad review followed by a bunch of sad "talkbacks". I can't even remember all of the stupid comments people made. To be honest, I have not heard the wave radio, but my parents have, and they said it sounded decent, but didn't come close even to their JBL/Technics home stereo. It may be worth it just for the ease/convenience/size, but when the reviewer kept mentioning the word audiophile, I wanted to scream. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

(there, much better )
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I believe the Cambridge soundworks version of the wave radio is far superior in terms of sound quality anyway... though still not quite audiophile quality (I dunno, maybe). The reviewer was bashing it though (paid more, expects that it sounds better).

Bose probably paid him to do the review because I cannot find one negative comment towards the radio (he even makes the price look good).
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