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FS: Melos SHA-1

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Moved to Audiogon, with better pictures.

I actually have 2 of these amps and it doesn't make sense. They are really spectacular amps especially with harder to drive head phones like the HD-650.
I'd like to keep one of the amps, but will offer them both up for sale and buyer can pick.

Melos SHA-1 with a black and a silver faceplate. It's the 3 input IEC version,
which is the best one. The black faceplate is from a 2 input version though;
so it's missing that "3" character that corresponds to the middle setting of the
toggle switch. I bought black oxide screws, normally the black ones have
silver screws and it looks cheesy. Does come with silver (stainless) screws;
I bought extras so they would be the ideal length. For some reason Melos
put really short screws in the inner four holes on the faceplate (for looks
only - not long enough to anchor to the chassis), and the plate can bow
out. So this includes the stock screws, plus additional black oxide and
stainless screws to properly affix the plates. The inside is mint, it has not
been mutilated by MAR or anyone else. Comes with Amperex 6922s and JAN
Sylvanias, and an extra Amperex and extra Phillips.

I'd give it an Audiogon 8/10. The silver faceplate is perfect; the black one has a faded O in Melos. The chassis is beautiful, there are a couple small-than-pinhead marks on top which are very easy to touch up and/or just ignore. It really is in beautiful shape.

Asking $450, this is as nice a SHA-1 as any that you'll find.


Also a 3 input IEC version with the 3 input black faceplate. It will include the original tubes. The face plate is in near perfect condition, but there are a couple marks on the chassis, so I'd also give it an 8/10.

I'd also consider trades for an SACD player +/- cash if necessary.
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Make me an offer

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Price Adjustment

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i can't beleive no one has jumped at this chance to pick up one of the most versitile headamps out there, imo. my sha-1 plays r-10, ps-1, hp-2, k1k, senn 650 & qualias equally well. oh well. i wish i needed another one. the price is right.
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Are both 2 units sold ? Thanks.
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