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Grado Service Question

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How prompt is Grado's service? I'm considering sending my new (one week old) SR-325's back for repair/replacement because the stitching on the leather headband came frayed and has started to unravel.
[Please see the attachment. Am I being too picky? I asked a couple shoe-repair places around town if they could help and they acted like they couldn't be bothered with it. As a temporary fix I've used electrical tape to secure the frayed area.]
One complication is that I'm leaving town (from the Boston area) in 9 days so I'm wondering if I should wait awhile rather than having the headphones sent to an uncertain address. I've already contacted them by e-mail, making sure the warranty covers repair of this defect, and they gave me a fairly quick response, saying that their "one year warranty covers just about everything except abuse." I suppose this means I could wait at least a few months to send them in. In fact I think I'd rather hand-stitch the headband then have to be without these lovely headphones for a week, at least at this point.

Still, I'm curious about what kind of experiences others have had with Grado service. Let me know.
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I'm no seamstress, but it looks like you might be able to tie it in a knot. Then just trim it up. If it starts again, send them in.
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No, you're not being picky. They're expensive headphones and you shouldn't have to put tape on them to keep them up and running

Although I've never dealt with Grado personally, somebody the other day made the comment that Grado service was "the best."

Good luck!
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Well, they make some of the best (if not THE best) headphones in the world, and it's good to know that they have the service to match.
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I had an issue with my RS-1s where the plastic cap was missing from the metal rod. I left them a message and John Grado himself called me up I had the option of returning them or having Grado send me the part. I chose the latter. Had the part within a couple of days.

No complaints here.

- pearle
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