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I bought a few bits and pieces from [AK]Zip, and he shipped them safely and quickly. Thanks.
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AAA+++ Highly Recommended!!!

Purchased some diy goodies from [AK]Zip.
Hard to add much to a feedback thread with 361 posts already.
Anyway, the loot was speedily shipped and very well packaged, not to mention very attractively priced from the get go. So I can handily recommend trading with this HF'er if you so desire to.

Thanks a bunch AK for all your time and efforts. Much appreciated.
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I also bought some DIY goodies, packaged really well - exactly as stated/photographed. AK’s communication was excellent. Heartily recommended.
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Alex re-cabled my D2000's with his APS V3 cable. Incredible work, great communication, and VERY QUICK turn around time. Will definitely be doing more business with him in the future!
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Yet another flawless transaction with Alex.

I bought some DIY parts. They were described accurately, communication through PM was excelent, and shipping was prompt. Very good deal!
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Purchased HE-5 headphones + V3 cable from Alex/APureSound. Very smooth, fast transaction. Workmanship of the cable is excellent. Thanks again Alex.

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I was initially directed to head-fi while looking for some info on how to repair my shorted out cables (Sony SA5000s). After reading through some threads on this very matter, I noticed that a few head-fiers sent in their cans to [AK]Zip for fixing, with either upgraded cables or just stock HD650 cables as the replacement. I opted for Alex to swap out the old, rubbish Sony cables with the Senn cables and could not be happier!! The workmanship is top notch; the price was right; what the heck else can I say!??


By the way, he also did a great job at fixing my AT ESW9s, which snapped on one side in a disastrous attempt to loosen the clamping on my noggin.


The moral of the story is: Sony SA5000 stock cable sucks, ESW9s are curiously delicate, and Alex @ Apure is the man!

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Alex also replaced my SA5000 cable recently and did a great job.

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Alex re-cabled my K1000, they look fantastic and sound great, Great workmanship and highly recommended+++

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