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My V3 Senn cable in super nylon sleeving and Senn connectors received yesterday. It is really good in workmanship and softer than expected. Sure I will have much time spending on this cable from tonight.

Thanks Alex.
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Bought a mini-IC from Alex, great service as usual.
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Purchased a V3 cable for my SA5000. The cable is fantastic and the workmanship is great. My SA5000s sound fantastic and I couldn't be happier. This cable upgrade really took them to the next level Thanks again Alex for the wonderful work you do.
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Alex is helping broker an international deal between fkclo and me for a pair of Sony Qualia 010 headphones. His trustworthiness is absolute, and I'm very glad to have his vast expertise on hand. He's done a great job keeping both of us in the loop about the status of these rare headphones, and I know he'll make a cable of epic quality for them
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The Best...

Another satisfied customer. I don't really know what else to say about this man as his work and attention to detail are second to none. I have done business with Alex in the past and everything was always great (shipping, communication, recabling quality, etc). This transaction was no exception to the rule and only gives me more of a reason to come back to him for business in the future. Thanks again Alex for your hard work..its greatly appreciated my friend.
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Bought an impeccably constructed resistance adapter from Alex and APureSound. really cleans up the sound from my macbook to my headphones. Thanks for all the good advice in making my selection. The purchasing experience was smooth and service was top-notch. Thanks!
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alex reterminated my stock HD800 cable to balanced. very professional job. super fast turn around time. much appreciated.


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Trustworthy. Reliable. Professional. Honest. Great workmanship. Expect this in Spades when dealing with Alex.. Thank you..
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Alex terminated a 1/4th stereo jack for me. His work was very good and I got my headphones back fairly quickly. I would be happy to do business with him again.
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I bought some cables from Alex, and he shipped them out quickly. I would definitely buy from him again in the future.

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Bought a Grado extension cable from Alex. Excellent transaction. Thanks Alex!
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Grado extension and RS-1 cable posted to Australia.
Very fast easy transaction,just the way it should be.

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K-1000 Recables

I had a rather involved re-cabling project, one that required transplanting an v2 APS cable from one of my K1Ks to the other, which had a problem with a previous hard re-cable. The original set that was the v2 "donor" was then recabled with v3 (nylon), along with fabrication of a new matching v3 pigtail.

Alex gave me a projected date to ship my phones to him to avoid excessive wait time, and throughout the entire project kept me informed of some unforeseen issues he encountered as he was installing the v2 replacement cable.

He sent detailed pictures of the issues that he encountered and graciously addressed them at no additional charge.

Both sets of K-1000s now sound absolutely superb, with the new v3 cable and pigtail truly extracting the full potential of the K-1000s!

In all respects, this was a transaction in which I cannot express enough gratitude to Alex for his cable artistry, workmanship, and most of all his integrity and impeccable customer service!!!
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I bought a pair of panel mount Stax sockets from Alex. Everything went great, I appreciated the fast shipping. Hope to do business again some day!
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Bought 2 power cables from APS. Good communication and, most importantly, I feel they're a really good value compared with other commercial offerings. They took forever (~4 weeks) to come but maybe I was just impatient for my new toys. Came as described. Can't rush good workmanship I guess. The new cords run from my power unit to my Marantz KI pearl SACD and Yamamoto HA-02. I also got a custom VH Audio power cord running to the Hydra 2 but they don't have any feedback space here. Everything went smoothly with that transaction too and I'm happy with it. SUPPORT HEAD-FIs Sponsors! Thanks again Heli!
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