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What can any of us add after so many pages of such feedback?

Alex is exemplary - the service, the craftmanship (you could hardly refer to it just as 'the work'), the speed of communication and delivery.

This time I received an ER4P with Apuresound cable. The ER4P was redirected through Alex for the recable from a fellow US HeadFi-er. Alex checked everything out for me, exchanged emails regarding which cable to get and what to expect from it, and then got it made to my preferred specifications in a very quick time.

Thanks once again, Alex, for setting the standards in every aspect of a transaction.
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I bought an APureSound V3 sennheiser cable off Alex. He answered all my questions, managed a last-minute change of order by me without any issues, and shippied the cable well packed and sealed.

Cable sounds fantastic, thank you Alex
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Edition 9 Recabled

Have Alex recabled my beloved Edition 9 in APS V3, cotton insulation, nylon sleeve and Furutech - my favorite formula. The transaction is as smooth as silk - I know Alex will look after my baby, put in the best cabling workmanship one can find in the market, and won't ship it back to me until he is satisfied. A very trustworthy and caring service provider which is indeed rare in this community. My highest recommendations for this wonderful friend.

F. Lo
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Custom made AES/EBU digital cable

I asked Alex to make me one - two feet long for connecting my Bel Canto CD-2 to my DAC3. Again, the usual peace of mind, the "usual" workmanship and care that you would expect from Alex, time after time. Nothing can be more easier than this.

Kudos to this great friend

F. Lo
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Another fantastic transaction with Alex. He recabled my MDR-SA5000's with APS V3 cable, super-nylon sleeving and Furutech headphone plug. Excellent workmanship - as always - as well as prompt communication and shipping made this another smooth, effortless transaction.

Thanks for the superb job!
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I just bought a headphone extension cable from Alex. The craftsmanship is excellent and shipping was prompt.
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Sent Alex my K340s to get repaired. He repaired and shipped them back very quickly. Thank you so much for salvaging my K340s Alex! Two thumbs up!
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Alex worked with me and two other HeadFiers to get a Ringmat XLR Record Mat and a PSP out here for my son.

An excellent HeadFier like no other.

Thanks again, Alex.
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I sent my Er-4 APS cable to Alex for repair. His commitment and his ablity to stand behind his craftmanship is outstanding. Thank you Alex.
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bought a Senns V3 balanced cable from Alex and an ER4P cable. communication was smooth and i just receieved them awhile ago, well packaged. the build quality is excellent!! Thank you, Alex

i won't hesitate sending my headphones to be recabled by you!
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From Alex I bought a set of hd-580 shells.

The price was right, communication good, and shipping prompt. There is not much more a man can ask for: another great transaction
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alex reterminated my HE60 to a stax plug. the work looks very good. all other aspects of the transaction - shipping, communication, etc. - were good too.

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I got my HE60 replugged with STAX 5pin by Alex as well. He also replaced the O-rings in the two drivers as the old ones were broken.

The communication, delivery, workmanship are superb. Can't get better than this!

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Sent my D2000 with APS V2 cable and my APS V3 HD600 cable to be re-terminated in 4-pin with a singled adapter and a balanced adapter.

Alex did excellent work, and got it back to me within the estimated 4 weeks as promised. Couldn't be happier, sounds great and the craftsman ship is solid.

PS: I want to add that I bought a Koss ESP950 electrostatic that Alex re-cabled with Stax PC-OCC cable and it looks like it came from the factory that way and sounds great!
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Another great recabling job with Alex.

Except for a slight delay in the job turnaround, the meticulous workmanship and great sound continues to impress.

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